Monday, December 28, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 10 tangelos
12:00 . . 1 pineapple
2:00 . . . 4 bananas + 4 medjool dates
4:00 . . . nibbling off of fruit platter as I made it
6:00 . . . pineapple, tomatoes, dates, pickling cukes, peppers
9:00 . . juice of 6 tangelos + a few dates

Play: walking/running ~ 3 miles, stretching

I made another fruit platter yesterday to take to a get-together for dance people. It looked the same as the other except it also had some blueberries and raspberries on it. People especially love the dates because they are so unusual to them. Some peeps really go crazy over the dates, and deservedly so. These are moist and very sweet and taste like caramels.

I love being around dancers. They are at least lean, fit, beautiful, graceful and mostly healthy, and most are vegetarians. So there was tons of food, but most was healthy by SAD standards. There was lots of salsa and guacamole and veggie trays. Someone brought a plate of cut-up apples and pears. But I mostly grazed off of my own platter. I probably ate half of it myself! Ha!

As much as I enjoyed being social with everyone, I was reminded once again that I really prefer to eat alone. It is the only way to really focus on the food, to be totally relaxed and aware and have perfect digestion. This thing we have of being social and gabbing while eating is really a problem that most folks are not aware of. I know I ate too much and I felt less than perfect in the stomach for a short while. I like being quiet while eating. I just plain like being quiet. ♥

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas + Peaceful Solstice

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 tangelos
11:00 . . .juice of 8 tangelos
2:00 . . . 4 bananas + 6 organic medjool dates
4:00 . . . a little sampling from the fruit platter
7:00 . . . pineapple, kiwi, dates, tomatoes (lots!)
11:00 . . .more pineapple + dates

Play: walking/running ~4 miles, yoga, secret obsessions (now I have 2)

This is the fruit platter I took to the family holiday gathering. There was LOTS of amazing food there, and actually there was a good amount of vegatarian/vegan fare for my husband like rice, nuts, carrots, broccoli, green beans, and a spinach/artichoke dish. And of course, my fruit platter!

Honestly, this was the first year I was not tempted in the least, in spite of the UNBELIEVABLE food. There was one brief moment that I looked at the beautiful table my MIL prepared with all the delicacies (she is a gourmet cook) and I remembered how it used to be with me, several years ago. I'd say Oh, just one little taste of the green beans, which would lead to more tastes and then just saying Oh, what the heck! And some of you know just what I mean. . . then there is the feeling of being physically sick right away, of disappointment in yourself, of terrible remorse and regret. Then a night of restless sleep, more sickness, and waking the next day with an awful food hangover. Which then leads to even MORE dissipation for perhaps days or weeks at a time until you feel so bad you HAVE to stop, or die. For some folks, that would be exaggeration, and for some of us sensitive sorts it is the truth.

So I ate as much as I wanted of the fruit, several plates full, and felt GREAT the whole time: before, during AND after. No regrets, no guilt. I feel happy and peaceful and content. VERY much so.

You know, it is perfectly true that there is more to life and health than food, and eating. But I keep the focus here on eating because of all the ways we have been taught incorrectly and because eating a bunch of junk can make a person seriously sick and seriously crazy. It can ruin your life. No kidding. It is SO not worth it.

Wishing you a peaceful, fruity day filled with loving kindness. ♥

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 tangelos
11:00 . . juice of 6 tangelos
2:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe
4:00 . . . 8 pickling cucumbers + 12 cherry tomatoes + 4 medjool dates
6:00 . . . handful of organic medjool dates
7:00 . . . 4bananas + a few dates

Play: dance, stretching, secret obsession

There are so many challenges to this lifestyle, even for those of us who REALLY want to do it, including:

Lifelong beliefs and understanding

Habits and traditions around food that are comforting

Physical/mental/emotional addictions

Lack of support from family, friends, and the entire world

But for me, the #1 challenge is a practical one. It is simply the issue of having access to LOTS of sweet, ripe fruit that I LOVE. Our natural habitat is surely the tropics, where fruit is literally falling off the trees all year 'round.

I find December is one of the more challenging months, since really good oranges are not in abundance yet. Although I went out today and was grateful to find good strawberries, kiwi, and pineapple to use on a giant fruit platter for the family get-together.

And I just got a new supply of organic medjool dates which are a godsend. Even though the delivery person put them in a hidden spot in the garage and I actually ran over the box with my car because I didn't see it and squished the dates into one giant mass. Ha, ha. But I was able to salvage them all, because where there's a will, there's a way. So they look squished, but taste delicious!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 oranges
11:00 . . juice of 6 oranges
2:00 . . . 1 lb. kiwi
3:00 . . . 4 bananas
5:00 . . . juice of 4 oranges
8:00 . . . 4 bananas + a few medjool dates

Play: stretching and yoga

Wishing everyone in the northern hemisphere a nice, peaceful winter solstice week. In Nature, this is a time of quiet, of going inward, of hibernation. But leave it to humans to be WAY out of sync with Nature. We are pushing ourselves to do all this "celebrating." I don't mind being different, since I see craziness all around me that I don't want to be part of. But it is a challenge to be completely immune from it all.

So Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! Take good care of yourselves. Be kind and nurturing to your own self. ♥

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 oranges
12:00 . . juice of 10 oranges
3:00 . . . 1 lb. of kiwi
4:00 . . . several large organic tomatoes
8:00 . . . juice of 12 oranges

Play: dance training, yoga, secret obsession

So yeah, these are the oranges I am going with for now. They're not the best I've ever had, but I'm grateful for them. And I prefer no packaging, but if you're going to have packaging, this is some cute stuff.

I've mentioned this before, but I find that if the oranges are of a really good quality, I prefer to juice them in my mouth. (Eat them.) So that explains why I am juicing these oranges.

And hey, I am psychic! I spoke about snow last post, and now they are predicting snow for the weekend. So it is in my mind today to stock up for the weekend, more than usual in case we do get snowed in. They say we might have a winter storm. And nothing says "winter storm" more than . . . ORANGES!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencias
2:00 . . . 1 lb. kiwi
3:00 . . . juice of 12 organic valencias + a bunch of cherry tomatoes
4:00 . . . more cherry tomatoes + several pickling cukes
5:00 . . . juice of 6 oranges
8:00 . . . 5 bananas, made into pudding

Play: yoga, secret obsession

In the bowl is one banana, mashed into a liquid with my hand, no added water. So a banana is deceptive. It looks like a solid, but it's really a liquid! Magical. Yes, even bananas contain lots of liquid.

But lately I am tiring of everything except oranges. The quality of the oranges will be improving in the next month or so, and I will be leaning on them more and more as my winter staple food. If they say a snow storm is coming, I stock up on oranges like other people stock up on bread and milk. We haven't really been snowed in badly since I started on this fruit thing. I am usually careful to have plenty of stuff on hand. But if I ever ran out, I guess I would try to live on snow for a while. I have lived on snow for a day here and there. Something about it is very sustaining.

That reminds me of the story of Dr. Barbara Moore who walked and hiked many miles in the Alps having only snow water, no food for months at a time. Believe it or not. I believe it, for sure. Her fascinating story is here. This is on my friend Mango's site. Thank you, Mango! ♥

Monday, December 14, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 6 organic valencia oranges
11:00 . . a quart of orange juice
3:00 . . . another quart of orange juice
4:00 . . . fresh-pressed tomato juice from 4 organic tomatoes
6:00 . . . large glass of fresh-pressed red grape juice

Play: stretching, relaxing

Yowsers, fruity peeps! Sorry to have been gone so long. We just got our internet restored. It was a faulty phone line inside the house. I missed my own self here.

Yesterday I felt a little tired, a bit in the mood to rest. It is hibernating weather anyway. In the old days, I would have gotten really sick from being run down, but now I know to just rest a bit and I'll be fine. So I spent a lot of the day in bed and drank only juices. My husband made me that grape juice and really, it was the best stuff EVER. I had such a good night of sleep because of it.

So I'm glad to be back and grateful for modern technology that allows us all to help each other this way. ♥

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 tangelos
11:00 . . juice of 6 tangelos
2:00 . . . 1 lb. of kiwi
4:00 . . . 3 comice pears
5:00 . . . 3 organic tomatoes
7:00 . . . 5 organic bananas

Play: walking/running~ 4 miles, yoga, secret obsession

So OK, peeps. . . sorry to have been absent. We are having an internet problem at our house that NO ONE can figure out. . . yet. The joys of modern living! I was itchy for the internet for the first day or two, and then I started enjoying the peace and simplicity. Ha, ha.

But now I'm at the public library catching up everywhere.

I hope all is well with you as you are moving through this somewhat challenging time of year. I'll be back tomorrow with more thoughts in this direction.

Love you all. ♥

Friday, December 4, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 Fall-Glo tangerines
10:00 . . juice of 6 Fall-Glo tangerines
1:00 . . . 1 lb. kiwi
3:00 . . . 1 large cantaloupe
4:00 . . . 3 large tomatoes + 6 pickling cukes + a few dates
7:00 . . . 4 bananas + 3 organic medjool dates

Play: dance, stretching, secret obsession

Again, I count ~ 40 pieces of fruit eaten. The cantaloupe counts as 4 pieces in my mind. I certainly do not count my food or really pay any attention to that, but for folks trying to figure out what works for them, it might be helpful. Occasionally I wonder how much all of this weighs, how many pounds of food I am eating, but I am not anal enough to go buy a food scale and weigh my food. Ha! But I can approximate that I probably eat between 10 and 20 pounds of food a day. This gives me something to say when someone suggests that I am not eating very much. I can say, "Hey, I eat all the time! Some days I eat 20 pounds of food!" Of course, since it's fruit it's mostly water.

Last night I got a strong desire for some apple juice. So today I will seek out some good Fuji apples. I rarely eat apples. They are very cleansing and light, but I just usually prefer the sweeter tropical fruits. I think I might try hand pressing some juice using my Orange X.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 Fall-Glo tangerines
12:00 . . juice of 6 Fall-Glo tangerines
4:00 . . . bunch of red grapes
5:00 . . . 4 bananas
7:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 3 organic tomatoes

Play: walking, yoga, stretching, secret obsession

I love obtaining "natural" fruit. By this I mean no plastic bags or artificial containers. I can just put a lot of fruit in my cloth bag and have that weighed at the store. Even better than this would be standing under a fruit tree and having the tree release the fruit into my hands. I have experienced this in my life and it is the ULTIMATE in receiving fruit, a magical, mystical experience. A true communion with Nature. It is part of REALLY living. I intend for this to become a part of my daily life. Somehow.

Yesterday I spent some time at Whole Foods watching people, like a sociology experiment. I sat at a table and watched the folks checking out. I saw the sweetness in their eyes, but also lots of pain and worry and fatigue. I could tell that many people were having serious health problems, trembling, walking stiffly and wincing, breathing heavily, excess fat. Many folks have acne or rosacea or swollen and lumpy faces and bodies, which I know are painful. I watched them all, the younger peeps and the older peeps. It reminded me of my friend Kveta's very wise statement: Younger = less toxic; older = more toxic.

Every day in this modern world, I see and know things which are sad and frustrating. All the ways that we are harming ourselves and other beings is MADDENING. Sending love. ♥

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 tangerines
2:00 . . . juice of 12 tangerines
3:00 . . . 3 bananas
4:00 . . . 6 organic fuyu persimmons (pictured)
8:00 . . . 4 bananas + 6 dates

Play: dance, yoga

Alert readers can count that yesterday I ate almost 40 pieces of fruit. When people first hear of this crazy fruitarian diet thing I guess they imagine that one lives on an orange or two, or a banana here and there. I'm a small person, and look how much I get to eat!

Of course, some days I eat less, but some days I am really eating all day long. There is no deprivation here. This is why I dream of living in a fruit orchard, where it is just hanging off the trees for the taking. Massive abundance.

I love what Dr. Doug Graham says about living on fruit: "Eat, eat, eat all you want, no problem." Ha, ha. Indeed.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 6 large Fall-Glo tangerines
11:00 . . 1 pineapple
1:00 . . . a few organic medjool dates
3:00 . . . 3 bananas + 1 date
5:00 . . . a dragon fruit (pictured)
6:00 . . . 1 large cantaloupe + 3 organic tomatoes
8:00 . . . bunch of red grapes

Play: walking/running 5 miles, stretching, secret obsession

This dragon fruit was an unusual find at Whole Foods and I was surprised by how good it was. Very juicy and mildly sweet. Delicate in flavor. I could definitely make a meal of these, but there was only one there! The color alone is amazing and I could feel that my body really absorbed it and loved it. Kinda hard to explain, but my body LOVED this color.

I had tried dragon fruit before, but those were white on the inside and were rather bland, as I recall. I'm glad I tried one again.

There are so many amazing fruits on this earth and most of them grow in tropical regions. And a lot of them are so delicate and sensitive that they must be eaten right off the tree. . . they can't be shipped because they go bad so quickly. I look forward in my life to trying LOTS of new fruits.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Mother Was Right

When I was 17 I told my mother that I wanted to get my ears pierced. This was 1971 and hardly anybody had pierced ears. Maybe gypsies and hookers, not that I knew what a hooker was. I was seriously innocent. I mean, we were barely out of the 60's. Leave It To Beaver, and all that.

I just somehow had the idea that getting my ears pierced would be a very cool and unique thing to do. Maybe Ali McGraw had her ears pierced in Love Story. I thought Ali McGraw was the coolest. My mother, who was of the belief that girls should wear white gloves and keep their legs crossed at all times, thought I had lost my mind. She said, "What?!?! Are you crazy?!?! You are NOT getting your ears pierced, young lady! That is NOT happening. Over my dead body!"

Then she immediately searched for and found some back issues of National Geographic that showed African tribespeople with large heavy objects attached to their VERY long hanging ear lobes, plus giant plates in their lips and metal rings stretching their super long necks. She said, "There! Is that what you want? To look like a savage? Why not just put some big plates in your lips? That certainly looks attractive!"

I was protesting my heart out, making my case for the cool factor, but she went on . . . "What are you thinking? You have a perfectly nice pure sweet body that you were born with. Why would you want to mar it, to ruin it with holes in your ears? What's next, a hole in your nose with a stick through it? Tattoos like a sailor?" Remember, at this time, NOBODY had tattoos except sailors and hoodlums.

She said, "Once you put holes in your ears, you can't undo that damage."

Well, I was rolling my eyes to the max. To my teenage mind my mother was being WAY unreasonable and ridiculous. She was so UNCOOL. But there was no way I was winning this battle and in my house, my mother's rules were the LAW.

So I waited until I was in college later that year and I "secretly" went to the student health center and got my ears pierced by a doctor, knowing I would be in Big Trouble if my mother found out.

Eventually, she did find out and somehow we all lived through it. Ha!

So for 35+ years I enjoyed my pierced ears and I wore earrings EVERY DAY without fail. I would have felt undressed, unpolished, and even embarrassed to be without my earrings. (And without makeup but that's another story, coming soon.) I had fun seeking out the coolest, hippest earrings I could find, loving arts festivals in particular for all the young, hip artists with the newest, most unusual earrings.

Yes, I went on hanging objects from my ear lobes and thinking it was all good, until I started on the fruitarian path. Then, everything started changing for me, and continues to change, all for the BETTER! After about a year on just fruit (about 2 years ago) I literally woke up one morning, began my usual routine (showering, fixing hair, getting dressed) and discovered, like a lightning bolt, that my ears did not want me to put a piece of metal through them and hang something from them. I was so surprised to "hear" from my ears! Even more, I was amazed and shocked to know that every single morning for over 35 years, they were trying to tell me NOT TO DO THAT, PLEASE, OUCH IT HURTS, OH NO, NOT AGAIN but I was unaware and unfeeling of their pain. Numb and dumb and blind to the pain. Wowsers. Can you imagine.

So in an instant I knew that my days of wearing earrings were over and I have not worn them since. My ears are now blissfully natural and free like a child's and we all feel lighter and freer for it. It's just one less thing to do, to pay money for, to be concerned about, to try to be "stylish" and fit in over. I think it is much cooler to be FREE, to think for yourself, to have a natural beauty. I think the new "style" is less stuff, more purity and naturalness.

It is in this way of "waking up" that many things have fallen away, and there are more to come, I am grateful and hopeful to say.

I now have the wish and intention of having the sweet, pure, naturally beautiful body I was born with, as much as possible. I have to admit that now when I see people wearing big dangling earrings, I think they look like Christmas Trees with ornaments hanging from their branches! Ha, ha. I can say this 'cause I used to do it, too.

Also, I really do not understand the whole tattoo thing. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I'm so grateful I never went that way. It is harmful to the body, no doubt about it. And permanent. It is just part of the way we are all encouraged to harm ourselves, our beautiful bodies, which are an absolute gift to be cared for and loved, just as they are. What abuse and harm our dear bodies go through in a lifetime, what crazy things people have done to themselves and each other through the eons of time. At the top of the list is eating harmful food, actually putting POISON into ourselves. Yes, we are encouraged and even forced to do this. Heaven help us all.

If I am going to emulate someone's style now, it is going to be that of a clean, pure, and innocent child in their natural beauty and sweetness.

So here is a picture of my now natural left ear. You can see that there is still an indentation from the piercing and I am watching with interest to see if my ears will eventually, over time, fully heal and restore themselves. That would be a fascinating miracle. There is still more healing and transformation to come, thankfully. More miracles. Real healing takes time.

And I really want to give my mother props for being so wise and for being RIGHT. Mothers love to be right, even if it takes almost 40 years to be affirmed. And bless her heart, she died 30 years ago of cancer at the age of 50. Love. ♥

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 6 organic valencia oranges
11:00 . . juice of 6 large Fall-Glo tangerines
1:00 . . . 1 large cantaloupe
4:00 . . . 6 organic fuyu persimmons (pictured)
5:00 . . . 3 organic tomatoes + 4 pickling cukes + 4 medjool dates
7:00 . . . 4 organic bananas

Play: dance training, yoga, secret obsession

I am not a big persimmon freak, like some people I know. They are a nice seasonal treat, with their very sweet honey-flavored jelly. I would eat more of them if I had a tree of them. Maybe I should grow one. They are so beautiful in the fall with all the orange globes hanging on them. Kinda zen-like.

Bananas are tasting better all the time, the colder it gets. If one wants to be fruitarian, it is best to learn to LOVE bananas. You can find them everywhere, and they are inexpensive. Have you ever noticed that children LOVE bananas? I am starting to fall in love with them again myself. ♥

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks for Abundance

I stocked up yesterday for the next couple of days and to my eyes it is a beautiful sight. The pineapples are going to be a great treat. What a blessing it all is.

I have to admit I was disappointed to discover that my very favorite valencia oranges are gone for a while, so I'll have to make do until they come back. I found a few valencias elsewhere and some tangerines and a watermelon to take their liquidy place.

Wishing for you a peaceful and healthy day of fruity abundance, wherever you are. I'll be spending the day with my husband's family, and when I am around they load up on lots of fruit and veggies! I am focusing on the positive here. ; ) Also, they are very dear and kind people with interesting lives and we have a lot to share.

I often think of how I could create my own little colony somewhere and we could make up all our own holidays. It's all made up anyway, right? But having a holiday that is a day of focusing on gratitude seems like a good idea to me.

Today I am aware that so many beings have no food to eat, or are in suffering. I am grateful for my health and well-being and the abundance around me, and I wish to share with all. ♥

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Totally Rockin' Interview with Michael Arnstein

It's true that I am all about Girl Power. There are some awesome women out there leading the way and creating health and love and beauty everywhere.

But occasionally, there are also some special guys doing extraordinary things.

Michael Arnstein is a 32-year-old marathoner and ultramarathoner. He is married with 3 children. Earlier this month, he ran the NYC Marathon in 2:35. He then went back into the race and ran an additional 5 miles with his wife. Then, the following weekend, he ran the Harrisburg Marathon in 2:32 and won! The following day he felt so good he ran 31 miles, just for the heck of it. And the next day, another 31 miles. He did this for several more days!

This is phenomenal. How is he able to do it??? He lives on fruits and greens. SERIOUSLY! Nothing else! No supplements!

At the end of each race, as he is being interviewed, he says that the only thing he wants to say is that he lives on raw fruits and veggies and this is how he is able to do what he does.

You can read a fantastastic interview with Michael here, complete with some inspiring before and after pics. Please don't miss out on this. This is a must-read!

And just this past weekend, Michael ran a 50-mile ultramarathon and wrote a thrilling article about it complete with pictures here.

Get ready to be INSPIRED, peeps! ♥

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 10 organic valencia oranges
1:00 . . . 8 organic satsuma mandarines (pictured above)
3:00 . . . a few organic medjool dates + 2 tomatoes
4:00 . . . 8 oranges
6:00 . . . 14 pickling cukes + 5 tomatoes + 4 dates
8:00 . . . 6 oranges

Play: ballet, stretching, secret obsession

The quality of the citrus is improving consistently. The mandarines are a nice surprise in Whole Foods, and at a reduced price, too. And I love that they are just natural, loose, not in plastic or mesh bags. I will buy more. They are good-tasting, easy to peel and eat, and after you peel them, they are soft, like moss. I love my beautiful fruit. . . each one is a masterpiece of creation.

And the valencias continue to be EXCELLENT. They will improve, too, in the next few months. I feel content and at peace to know that I am settling into an easy and very good winter pattern. I feel blessed for this amazing abundance of food.

It is true that I am not doing things like most people around me. I don't care about shoes, I'm not buying jewelry, not going to restaurants, not hanging out at Starbucks.

It doesn't bother me in the least that I have let go of some traditional customs and habits. It brings to mind this great quote:

"It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." J. Krishnamurti

And there is so much more to be let go of, with relief and joy. ♥

Friday, November 20, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 12 organic valencia oranges
2:00 . . . juice of 10 organic valencia oranges
7:00 . . . 12 pickling cukes + 5 tomatoes + 5 dates
8:00 . . . 8 organic valencia oranges

Play: ballet, yoga

I NEVER get tired of good oranges or their juice. I feel like a baby drinking out of its' bottle, only better! I wish they HAD put real orange juice in my bottle.

That is why it is wonderful to be an adult. There is freedom and free choice. You can do whatever you want. It is never too late to have a happy childhood!

And for me, a happy childhood is free from all harmful substances and full of happy fruit! I love feeling FREE. ♥

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 1 small watermelon
12:00 . . 1 cantaloupe
2:00 . . . 5 tomatoes + 8 pickling cukes + 4 dates
4:00 . . . 6 organic valencia oranges
8:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 4 dates

Play: dance training, yoga, secret obsession

For most of my life, I did not eat "breakfast." I didn't like it as a child, and had to be forced to sit at the table and eat SOMETHING. Now I know why I didn't like breakfast: I just plain didn't like the food. It literally turned my stomach. And then as I got older and developed even more disordered habits, I was eating lots of food late at night, so when I woke up I still had last night's food digesting sourly in my system. So no wonder I wasn't hungry in the morning.

But very shortly after starting on just fruit, I discovered that my body really liked having a little something light earlier than lunchtime. I have usually been up a few hours by the time I have some melon or juice. It works so well and now I look forward to my morning fruit.

In my mind, I do not eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I just eat as much fruit as I want, as often as I want, regardless of time. I eat when I'm hungry, and not according to social convention. I have to admit that I LOVE this way of life, being mostly independent of social mores. Sometimes I feel mischievous, like I am looking around to see if I'm going to be caught and made to "do right."

But now I am like a kitty: You can't make me. Ha!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 12 organic valencia oranges
2:00 . . . 3 bananas + 4 organic medjool dates
4:00 . . . juice of 8 oranges + a few campari tomatoes
8:00 . . . handful of dates (7-8) + 4 pickling cucumbers

Play: yoga, secret obsession

Don't these dates look like exquisite candies? And on the famous Niagara Club plate, as well.

It looks like food fit for a princess. That's how I feel when I am "fixing" and eating my fruit, like a princess. It is the best quality food on the planet, and I get to have it! It's pretty and fresh and clean and refreshing. Princess food, for sure!

I remember so well, the last times I was eating some of The Other. It was ugly and gross and smelly stuff, and still I ate it. And then, no surprise, I felt ugly and gross and smelly. If it was oily and salty, I felt oily and salty. If is was heavy and dense and disgusting, I felt heavy and dense and disgusting.

Fruit is light and vibrant and fresh and beautiful, and yeah, so guess what I feel like??? ♥

Monday, November 16, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
12:00 . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
2:00 . . . a few organic medjool dates
5:00 . . . 1 pineapple
6:00 . . . 8 pickling cucumbers + 1 lb. tomatoes
7:00 . . . a few more dates (6?)

Play: walking/running 4 miles, stretching, secret obsession

This pineapple was good and sweet, but nowhere near as good as the pineapples I ate in Costa Rica. All the fruit in a tropical area is OUT OF THIS WORLD good. And you can eat it right off the tree, so it is really ripe and alive with flavor.

I look forward to living somewhere tropical and growing at least some of my own food. Someday. ♥

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 16 organic valencia oranges
12:00 . . 1/2 honeydew (not very good)
3:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe
4:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges + 1 lb. campari tomatoes
5:00 . . . handful of organic medjool dates (5-6?)
7:00 . . . 6 bananas

Play: ballet, stretching, secret obsession

I just got my first supply of organic medjool dates, 10 lbs. They won't last long because I give a lot of them to my MIL and other peeps, a great seasonal treat.

This picture does not do them justice. I'll post some close-ups. They are REALLY juicy and gooey, very fresh. I order them from Steve Jones in Yuma, Arizona, and they are outstanding! I have ordered Barhi dates from him, too, and they are also very good. Steve doesn't have a website, but you can order from him at He can tell you what other varieties he has now. But you can't go wrong with the medjools. I ask him for the best quality, and they are $4.50 a pound. Even with a shipping fee, that is still cheaper than what you buy in the store and the quality is FAR better. Steve is a good guy and is passionate about his dates.

And Steve sends them to you on the honor system. He encloses a bill in the box, and you then send him a check. I love it! Just like old times.

To me, they are very dense and rich and sweet, and I don't eat a lot of them at once. They go very well with oranges and also with bananas. But my favorite way is to eat them after some oranges, because the oranges provide the hydration since the dates don't have much water in them.

I am grateful and happy to have these dates. They are a big help in the colder weather, and full of lots of sun energy. And super sweet. Nature's candy! ♥

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Dilemma

Thanksgiving is a week away, and probably most people are numbly and blindly doing what they've been taught: preparing to begin the ritual of buying and cooking the foods of their youth for a family get-together. There will be much overeating and alcohol drinking and a huge amount of turkey killing. Sadly. It is suffering for all involved.

And do I even need to point out that not all families enjoy and treasure this day of forced togetherness?

For those of us who are fruitarian or vegan, this day presents a real challenge. We do not condone and support the slaughtering and eating of turkeys and other animals. To us, it is a ridiculous, cruel, and unnecessary custom that has become outdated. The idea of joining together with our families to express thanks (really?!?!) by worshipping around the carcass of a large dead bird is unbearable. Such unkind disrespect for the sacredness of life.

The whole Thanksgiving tradition is yet another way that we are having the wool pulled over our eyes. Wake up, peeps! Don't be fooled! Business folks are marketing the heck out of it, just like Christmas. Especially the food industry. People are marching like lemmings or sheep to the grocery store to purchase huge amounts of harmful "food" to lovingly (?) feed their families. Hypnotized. Must buy dead frozen turkey. Must buy pumpkin pie. Must buy $$$$ worth of processed food products. Must buy LOTS OF STUFF. The TV told me to.

Most people will get sick from this gross meal. What is the point of it??? Every year, the same thing, whether you like it or not.

It's like the Emperor's New Clothes. Doesn't anyone question any of these things???

Oh, dear. Don't get me started.

Yes, it's quite a dilemma for those of us opposed to the whole idea in its' current form. But it is like trying to stop a tidal wave.

I like to imagine that some day I will invite people into my fruit orchard on Thanksgiving and we will sit under the trees and share an abundance of sweet juicy fruit and bask in the sunshine and feel profoundly grateful. We will spend the day in harmony with Nature. Share our fruit with animals and birds and all the critters. Generate love. Like a bunch of nutty hippies. I can't wait! Let's all become nutty hippies! It will be a lot more fun! Every day will be Thanksgiving. ♥

But for now, I will share with you what I do for holidays that require food participation. (I find a way to skip out on a lot of stuff, but it's hard to disappear on Thanksgiving and Christmas.) I bring a large fruit platter and it is always a big hit! The platter above has orange wedges, pineapple, pickling cucumber spears, campari tomatoes, and medjool dates. Look how fresh and alive and beautiful it is. At the very least, I have plenty of great food to enjoy myself.

And I want to show people that there is another way.

I recently read a quote from a guy named Prad that says so much:

"In the land of the blind and the dumb, warm fuzzies flow freely."

Yes, I see it everywhere, including in my own self and my own life. The process of waking up never ends, it seems.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
11:00 . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
2:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 1 lb. campari tomatoes
4:00 . . . 4 bananas
5:00 . . . 2 bananas
8:00 . . . 8 oranges

Play: yoga, secret obsession, stretching

Yes, it feels like settling in for winter now. The local produce is gone. I already miss the local tomatoes. These campari tomatoes from Mexico will have to do.

But it is hard to complain and feel deprived when I live in a place and a time that there is so much available.

I have been thinking about all the animals, hunkering in for winter. They have it tough. I get to stay warm and dry and eat all the food I want, fit for a princess. How can one ever feel ungrateful with such an abundance of luscious oranges, cantaloupes, and bananas? Some people and animals have nothing to eat. While some of us humans are ridiculously spoiled. Gratitude. ♥

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
11:00 . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
4:00 . . . 1 lb. black grapes
5:00 . . . 6 oranges + 2 lbs. campari tomatoes + 4 pickling cucumbers
7:00 . . . 8 oranges, cut into wedges

Play: gymnastics, yoga, stretching

We are experiencing LOTS of rain from Hurricane Ida. It is cozy-feeling and good for resting and sleeping. However, there is no sunshine for days, and we need sunshine in our eyes and on our skin to feel really good.

During weather like this, my thoughts used to turn to comfort food like soups and baked potatoes and worse things I won't even mention. No need to go THERE. Nightmare City. But thanks to my new improved fruitarian life I now start thinking instead of fruit that contains lots of sunshine like oranges and pineapples. Look at the orange slice. . . it even looks like the sun! So here I am loading up on oranges and I am grateful to Whole Foods for having such awesome organic valencias, even though it is not really orange season yet.

I remember some years ago that I bought a little vial of orange essential oil to use as perfume and also to put in the bath. I loved the smell of oranges, even before I went fruity. On all the essential oils, they have a word or two to describe their qualities, like on Lavender it says "Calming, Relaxing" and on Myrrh it says "Meditative." Well, on the Orange one it says "Cheering, Uplifting." YES!!! That is exactly right! Oranges ARE cheering and uplifting, the real thing even more so than the oil.

Seems to me that lots of peeps are self-medicating with caffeine and chocolate to lift their spirits, artificially so. It is no coincidence that Starbucks Coffee originated in Seattle, where it rains a LOT and the depression and suicide rate is high. But hey, I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but coffee and chocolate are POISONS to your system, to your whole being.

Instead of poisoning yourself with some toxic acidic chemicals that drug your brain, why not try some oranges??? You can eat a TON of them. You alert readers can see that yesterday I ate 30 oranges! And each one was a big piece of cheering candy, for real. Yes, indeed, it is quite the revelation to understand that fruit is the Ultimate Comfort Food. ♥

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 6 oranges
10:00 . . juice of 6 oranges
1:00 . . . 2 cantaloupes
4:00 . . . 4 bananas
6:00 . . . 4 bananas
8:00 . . . juice of 8 oranges

Play: ballet, yoga, secret obsession

I can tell that winter is coming, because bananas are starting to be more appealing to me. (Or a-peeling. Ha!) I ate very few through the summer. But now they look good to me, they smell good, taste good, and make me feel good. Thank goodness for bananas. Along with oranges, they will be my staple this winter. They are always available everywhere, and they are some super cheap food.

Some stores sell their perfectly ripe bananas for REALLY cheap. Yesterday I bought 12 bananas (my husband eats them, too) for $1.20. So for me, I can have a meal of bananas for 40 cents!

I prefer to work them with my hand into a pudding which is DELICIOUS. Banana pudding! Another favorite from childhood but minus the processed sugar/drug and the factory-created cardboard-like dehydrating vanilla wafers.

Mmmmm. . . . creamy nanners. ♥

Monday, November 9, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 oranges
12:00 . . juice of 8 oranges
2:00 . . . 1 honeydew
4:00 . . . 1 lb. kiwi + 2 tomatoes
5:00 . . . 1 honeydew + 3 bananas
7:00 . . . 1/2 watermelon

Play: walking ~ 4 miles, stretching, secret obsession

Wow. When a honeydew is THIS good, you can't top it. My honeydews yesterday tasted like pure candy to me. They gave me a euphoric feeling.

I promise you that no cooked or processed food EVER gave me such a magical feeling. In fact, quite the opposite. It made me feel terribly sick in my being.

When I eat fruit, I feel good before, during, AND after.

This reminds me of a powerful thought I used all the time when I was first transitioning to an all-fruit diet: There is always excitement before and during an act of dissipation, but afterwards, only sorrow and regret. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Yes, it is a brilliant thought, and true, but honestly, it took me YEARS to get it.

Please be patient with yourself, and just keep heading in this direction. You WILL BE rewarded. ♥

Friday, November 6, 2009

Processed People

This is a trailer for a documentary produced by Jeff and Sabrina Nelson, the owners of Vegsource. It is the largest site on the internet devoted to all things vegetarian/vegan.

I am always happy to see vegan peeps doing what they can to get the word out. Like with most things, I see some stuff I agree with, and also some ways that they are missing the boat a bit.

But it is undeniably a step in the right direction.

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . 1/4 watermelon
12:00 . . .1 lb. kiwi
1:00 . . . big bunch of black grapes
3:00 . . . more black grapes
5:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe
7:00 . . . 6 bananas

Play: walking, stretching

I can't help but notice when I am in the regular grocery store that people are LOADING UP their carts with some awful stuff. Hey, I used to eat some junk, too, but I have to say that even at my worst, I NEVER loaded up an entire cart with pure junk like I see now.

And it's really crazy because people think this is NORMAL. There is seemingly no awareness that this is not good, to live on junk food. I don't even know how it is possible for the human body to keep living, in spite of that continual assault.

I used to buy candy and junky stuff, but in very small amounts and very guiltily, with the knowledge that I was "sinning." I would even be embarrassed for the clerks to see what I was buying. But they never blinked an eye.

NOW they blink an eye. "Boy, you sure do like oranges. What're ya gonna do with all these oranges???" "That's a lot of bananas. What're ya gonna do. . . make banana bread?" "How many people are in your family? They must really like fruit!" "Are you having a party?" (Yes! I am having a party every day!) Sometimes the clerks call people over to take a look at what I am buying. But I don't mind a bit because I am only happy and proud of my food these days. And I WANT people to notice so they will get the idea themselves.

I take every opportunity to give my message to the world. Whether they believe it or not. I am planting seeds.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 10 oranges
12:00 . . juice of 6 oranges
4:00 . . . 2 bunches of black grapes (~ 2 lbs.)
5:00 . . . 8 pickling cucumbers + 2 tomatoes
7:00 . . . 6 bananas
9:00 . . . more grapes

Play: walking, gymnastics, stretching

These grapes are a life saver. They are a great sugar hit, very, very sweet. Really, no candy could top them. I looked at a bunch of candy yesterday in the store and it all looked like what it is: FAKE CHEMICALS. It was not appealing in the least to me, which is interesting because back in the day I was a sugaraholic. Sugary candy was my secret vice. I was in need of a 12-step program.

Now I can freely eat sugar all day and it is FAR more delicious than the fake stuff made in a factory. No guilt, no shame, no secrecy.

Today I am thinking of how every day I am hearing about people with breast cancer, brain tumors, leukemia. I think that most people are suffering in some way. It is very frustrating to feel that I could "help" EVERYONE, if only they were interested in the real truth. Amazingly, some peeps are really not interested in the truth, especially if it means giving up THEIR secret vices. This includes the people closest to me. I do understand, and I'm not giving up on you, hypnotized peeps! ♥

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . juice of 8 oranges
10:00 . . juice of 8 oranges
2:00 . . . some sliced cucumbers from Whole Foods salad bar
3:00 . . . 1 lb. kiwis
4:00 . . . 5 tomatoes
8:00 . . . 1 large cantaloupe

Play: dance, secret obsession, yoga

This plate came from the Niagara Club in New York. Hmmmm. . . . wonder how it came to be in my possession? Maybe SOMEBODY had too much to drink at their brother's wedding reception many moons ago. Not mentioning any names.

But to balance out any negative karma, let me give a shout out and a plug for the Niagara Club, near the famous Niagara Falls. That is one amazing natural phenomenon.

And please do not drink alcohol. It rots your brain and makes you do STUPID things. So I've heard.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . 1/4 watermelon
10:00 . . 1/4 watermelon
1:00 . . . 2 bunches of black grapes
4:00 . . . 1 large cantaloupe
6:00 . . . 5 bananas
9:00 . . . handful of grapes

Play: stretching

Yesterday was a day of true rest. I don't think we do enough of that. Our modern culture certainly does not encourage it. I watch the animals in Nature, and they rest as much as possible.

I spent most of the day reading, napping, and lounging with my home peeps. The chilly grey day was totally supportive of that. Then I went to bed extra early. It felt very luxurious, and I thrived and renewed in the quiet and peace. I felt more like "me." I felt like a child with endless time.

Note to self: Do this more often. Your life requires it.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend Joy

This happening took place earlier this year in the train station in Antwerp, Belgium, as part of a promotion to find the lead actress for The Sound of Music.

Somebody is very clever.

200 dancers took part in this stunt. I love this. Chills. I want to do it!

Enjoy. ♥

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
2:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe
4:00 . . . 3 bananas
5:00 . . . 4 bananas
7:00 . . . bunch of black grapes

Play: stretching, walking

These oranges are a godsend. I am content with them, even though they are not really in prime season and they are not of the highest quality.

I'd say the biggest challenge with this lifestyle is just always having ENOUGH really good quality fruit that you LOVE available. It needs to be sweet, perfectly ripe, and taste delicious. At the moment, there are no Fast Fruit Drive-Thrus (ha!) so you have to plan ahead, seek it out, and gauge the ripeness levels every day.

But this is kind of fun to do, actually. You can take all the time and money and mental energy you used to spend on recipes and cookbooks, watching cable cooking shows, shopping for a million ingredients, cooking, cleaning up, buying pots and pans and gadgets and appliances, and spend it on keeping a great fruit supply going. I promise you it is a LOT easier to just eat fruit. ; )

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fruit Gifts

Our neighbors sent this BEAUTIFUL fruit basket to us as a thank you. It has bananas, apples, oranges, tangerines, kiwis, pears, a mango, a pomegranate, and a pineapple. And the fruit seems to be of a really good quality. Wow. Such gratitude and amazement I feel.

It was a fanstastic surprise and arrived on a day when it was rainy and cool and I was feeling less than abundant, as my fruit supply was dwindling. It is as if the Universe is showing me that my needs will always be taken care of somehow.

The interesting thing is that I never told these peeps that I am fruitarian. My husband said he may have mentioned once that he was vegetarian.

Since being on this fruit path, I have had many such surprises and gifts. The fruitarian life is indeed magical. ♥

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
12:00 . . 1 cantaloupe
3:00 . . . 1 honeydew melon
4:00 . . . 1 honeydew melon
8:00 . . . 4 bananas

Play: dance, secret obsession, yoga

The melons are OUTSTANDING right now: sugary sweet and lots of Living Water.

Some people think that what I eat is boring, monotonous. I have already written at length about this here, but I will just say again that some people love their coffee, and have the EXACT SAME COFFEE every morning. Some people drink Mountain Dew all day long because they LOVE their dew. Some people must have their dose of chocolate every day. Or pizza. Or whatever.

So I am no different from what everyone else is doing. I look forward to my orange juice every morning (at the moment) and I LOVE my fruit sugar all day every day. I never get tired of it. Kind of like I never get tired of breathing, or sleeping, or taking in the sun. Ha!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
12:00 . . 1 cantaloupe
4:00 . . . 4 bananas
6:00 . . . 4 bananas
8:00 . . . bunch of black grapes

Play: barefoot walking/running ~ 3 miles, yoga, secret obsession

I got these 8 beautiful bananas for around $2.00. For me, that means I get a meal of 4 bananas for $1.00. How many people can have a meal for a dollar? And really, look at how lovely and perfect they are. I picked them out as the most special of all that I saw.

I just finished reading Martha Graham's autobiography, Blood Memory. She was a fascinating modern dancer and choreographer who lived to be 97. Probably one reason she lived so long was that she was always on the thin side, so not as much toxicity as most people. Still, she had plenty of health problems and almost died several times. And in her later years, she had arthritis so severely that her hands became deformed and she couldn't use them. She wore gloves all the time to cover them up. I feel for her because it was not necessary to go through all that. She was in pain all the time. Bless her heart.

In her early 20's she was so perfectly beautiful. By her 50's she was deteriorating and going downhill, like most people. What happens to people? It is toxicity caused mostly by what people eat and drink. It is all that awful poison which ages and deforms people. But most peeps do not ever get this.

I see it all around me and everywhere, the decline and aging. I have a thing about looking at the pictures in autobiographies. It is fascinating to me, what happens to people through the course of their lives. Everyone is a beautiful child with luminous skin and eyes, most look great in their early 20's, and then it is all downhill with lots of suffering and ugliness.

I want to see how much I can reverse the damage done from 50 years of junk. This is a very interesting process. I can tell you that it is MUCH more enjoyable to improve oneself than it is to degenerate. And it tastes way better, too. ♥

Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
11:00 . . juice of 6 organic valencia oranges
1:00 . . . 1 honeydew melon
4:00 . . . large bunch of black grapes, very sugary
5:00 . . . 1 pomegranate
6:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 1 tomato
7:00 . . . more grapes

Play: dance, stretching, secret obsession

Fruit is so beautiful. This pomegranate is a work of art. I almost didn't want to destroy its' beauty by opening it.

And eating something like a pomegranate is a seasonal treat. The flavor is special, unique, and a reminder that seasons are changing. Obviously, it does not supply much sugar energy, so I cannot imagine living on pomegranates. But it felt very refreshing and cleansing and the taste was delicious, zingy.

And by the way, as always, I do not eat the seeds. I put them in my mouth, eat the fruit flesh around them, and then remove the seeds with my fingers.

With a pomegranate, it takes a while to eat just one. It feels like a peaceful meditation to do so. I like to sit down outside with my fruit, whenever possible. Simple pleasures are the best.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 organic valencia oranges
1:00 . . . 1 lb. kiwi slices
3:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe
4:00 . . . 8 pickling cukes + 1 tomato
6:00 . . . 1 large bunch black grapes, super sweet
11:00 . . 1 large bunch black grapes

Play: ballet, stretching, secret obsession

These oranges are REALLY good. They are rich and sweet and I can feel the sweetness being absorbed into my tongue and mouth. That is always a sign of good quality fruit. I'm getting these oranges at Whole Foods, about 16 to a bag for $4.49. At the moment, they're the only decent oranges around.

I notice in the grocery stores that when there are fruit samples around, children flock to them and gobble them up. The adults rarely go for it. They appear bored and tired. Their senses are dulled to where the sight of fresh fruit is not even alluring. Meanwhile, their less toxic children are bouncing up and down, excited and going back for more fruit. Yes, so far they still have a few of their natural inclinations intact. But eventually they will become more toxic and turn into sullen teenagers. With acne. And suicidal thoughts. Sadly. Bummer.

I want to tell them how to avoid all that pain and suffering. I want to tell EVERYONE! It's really unbelievable, but all you need to do is live on fruit. ♥

Friday, October 23, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 1/4 watermelon (refreshing!)
10:00 . . juice of 8 organic valencias
2:00 . . . 1 lb. kiwi slices (from Whole Foods)
4:00 . . . 1 large honeydew
5:00 . . . 8 pickling cukes + 2 tomatoes
7:00 . . . 4 durian pods
9:00 . . . juice of 6 oranges

Play: ballet, secret obsession, walking, stretching

Yes, some days I feel like I am eating ALL DAY LONG. And I get to eat the most delicious food on the planet! It literally tickles the taste buds. And gives a feeling of bliss, deep contentment, and euphoria. Electricity in every cell!

You simply MUST try this.

All my life I searched for this truth. And as soon as I got clear on the question I was given the answer. And now I am living it and it is better than I could have ever imagined.

Please, everyone MUST try this.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 12 organic valencia oranges
1:00 . . . 2 cantaloupes, very sweet
4:00 . . . 6 bananas
8:00 . . . 1 large honeydew + 1 durian pod

Play: barefoot walking/running ~3 miles, secret obsession, yoga

My mother-in-law gave me this plate many years ago. The idea is that you're supposed to use it on your birthday. I do that, but I love the plate so much I use it other times, too. Isn't it a wonderful idea?

And look at that honeydew. It was so sugary sweet. I wish I could give EVERYONE a taste of this melon. I felt such euphoria from it. If you are not living on fruit, you don't know what you're missing. I mean it. ♥

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 10 organic valencia oranges
12:00 . . big bunch of black grapes
4:00 . . . 2 cantaloupes + 2 tomatoes
6:00 . . . 4 bananas
7:00 . . . 1 durian pod
9:00 . . . juice of 3 organic valencia oranges

Play: dance, yoga, secret obsession

Everything is just tasting SO good. You know, there is an interesting phenomenon with fruit. You can't REALLY taste how delicious and sweet it is if your taste buds are adulterated with hot foods, salt, and chemicals.

It takes some time for your taste buds to become healthy and correct. Only then can you know the true and magical delights of sweet fruit. It is wonderful beyond words. . . and it is SO worth giving it a try!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

10:00 . . juice of 12 small organic valencia oranges
1:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe
3:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 2 tomatoes
6:00 . . . 5 bananas
7:00 . . . 1 lb. durian (frozen, thawed)

Play: ballet class, walking, stretching, secret obsession

I have a new bowl to make my banana pudding in, in the picture above. I found it at the grocery store for $1.50 and I love it. I think it is fun to see how you can get through life on just a little money.

And that's pretty funny considering I live in a house and have a car, and all of the insurances and taxes and repairs and expenses that go along with all of it. Plus everything else, living in the modern world. It's a lot to keep up with, isn't it?

And yes, here I am, buying ANOTHER bowl.

But I do have an idea and a vision for how to live life much more simply. I WILL do it. In this lifetime. Thank you for guiding me, Universe. ♥

Monday, October 19, 2009

How It All Begins

Whoa, what's happening here???

Yes, that is me, being fed ON MY BACK. What?!?!?!

And I'm being fed some sort of cereal. Ugh. Maybe you can't see it, but I am screaming and crying and trying to spit this stuff OUT. Hey, people, I'm choking here!

For starters, a baby of this age needs only breast milk. But in the 50's, that was considered rather primitive and beasty and mothers were encouraged to use "formula" instead.

Let me say right off that I am a priviliged person and I know it, cared for and kept safe and raised by loving, intelligent parents. I am grateful for them.

But we all get off the track right here, right from the beginning, before we even have any awareness of what is going on. Other people, well-intentioned for the most part, force us to eat biologically-incorrect and harmful "foods" when we are unable to protest or make choices for ourselves. By the time we ARE able to start making our own choices, our brains are somewhat deteriorated from the poison and our bodies are sick and addicted to junk and we are really on the road to ruin. Plus, we continue to be under the thumb of our parents, the schools, the government, the media, and societal and cultural norms, all telling us what to do. And most of it wrong. What a world of confusion.

Really, I marvel that I am still alive after all the poison that has gone into my body.

I like to imagine what it would have been like to have been fed only breast milk, and then fruit, from the very beginning. Surely, that would be paradise. To not ever be sick, or depressed, or confused. To be your best and highest self with a perfectly healthy body and mind.

But I'm SO grateful that it is not too late to experience some version of that paradise. ♥

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 large valencia oranges
11:00 . . 2 cantaloupes
3:00 . . . 6 bananas
6:00 . . . 1 honeydew
7:00 . . . 8 pickling cucumbers + 3 tomatoes (all locally grown)

Play: walking/running ~5 miles, secret obsession, dance, stretching

The melons are really rockin' now. Wow. Now, I am all about melons. I know, I know. . . I was in love with oranges, then watermelons, then grapes, then bananas, now melons. What a fickle fruit-lover I am.

Eating my drippy-sweet cantaloupe yesterday caused me to remember something. Actually, every time I eat cantaloupe I remember this.

Years ago I read an autobiography about an anorexic girl. I remember so well her describing a scene when she was in the hospital, trying not to eat. But they brought her a big slice of luscious cantaloupe and she was tantalized by the smell, by the sight, until finally she could not resist and she cut a very small piece and put it in her mouth. Then she went crazy over it, was overcome by its' heavenly taste and ate THE WHOLE SLICE. The way she wrote about the experience in such detail was downright erotic. But of course, being of an anorexic mindset, afterwards she felt guilty and angry with herself for eating.

It seems to me that EVERYONE has an eating disorder of some sort.

And the main reason we all have/had eating disorders is because 99.99% of people are not eating their biologically correct food. Until you give your body what it really wants and needs, which is an abundance of LIVING WATER AND FRUIT SUGAR, you are going to have problems. Your body will never stop craving, never be at peace, until it gets what it really wants.

P.S. Living water is what I call the liquid found in fruit.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Fruit Hunters

This is a brief conversation with Adam Gollner, the author of The Fruit Hunters. He makes some good points here.

I have the book, really enjoyed it, and recommend it for anyone who loves fruit. I learned a lot from his travels around the world. He is obviously a very intelligent person and I appreciate him writing this book. However, he is not a fruitarian himself. There is one chapter about fruitarians that depicts us as nuts and weirdos, but I laughed some about it anyway. Yeah, there are nutty people everywhere. The only reason it is not completely funny to me is that it is a gigantic and very real problem in the world that people are eating biologically incorrect foods. It is causing horrendous amounts of unnecessary suffering and all sorts of problems for all of us.

So I can't help it that I take it very seriously, my message to the world. ♥

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 10 valencia oranges
12:00 . . bunch of black grapes
3:00 . . . more black grapes
5:00 . . . 6 bananas
7:00 . . . 1 large cantaloupe + several pickling cucumbers

Play: dance and yoga, secret obsession

I found these bananas in a store yesterday. I have mentioned that I am VERY picky about my fruit. It is like falling in love every time. When I saw this particular bunch, they looked just right and beautiful to me, like love at first sight. I knew they were the ones for me. None of the others were so appealing. When I picked them up, this bunch of seven, they felt perfect in my arms, and I carried them proudly through the store, confident of my success, falling more in love by the minute. No guilt or shame about buying THIS food. I hope other people see how happy my bananas and I are together, and they will get the bright idea to buy some bananas for themselves.

Now they are home with me and I get to bond with them, get to know them, as they go through their ripening process. I love to look at them. I wonder about their life, where they were born, what they have been through to get to me. They are so beautiful. Soon they will become a part of me, the ultimate joining together. ♥

And all of this love, all of this happiness, a huge meal of sweetness, for only $1.82.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 oranges
11:00 . . some black grapes
3:00 . . . 1 large cantaloupe (heavenly)
4:00 . . . 5 bananas
8:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + some tomatoes

Play: dance and yoga

Yeah, this way of life is pretty easy and natural when it's hot and sunny outside and the local produce is abundant and of excellent quality. It does get a little tricky, a bit challenging, when the weather turns cold and rainy, or snowy.

Just as I now can't help but see how EVERYTHING in our culture is designed around junk food, I also see that what people love about winter is junky winter foods. People do tend to eat more poorly, and just MORE, in winter. And people tend to get sick more in winter, too. Hellooo!

I have to admit that chilly weather triggers thoughts and memories of The Other for me. The difference now is that I am content to have those fuzzy memories without actually wanting to eat any of the junk. Instead, I now think of wanting/needing liquid sunshine in the form of oranges and pineapples and bananas. Mostly oranges. Can't WAIT for orange season. ♥

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 valencia oranges
12:00 . . bunch of black grapes
3:00 . . . 5 bananas
6:00 . . . 1 large cantaloupe + 3 tomatoes
8:00 . . . few grapes

Play: barefoot walking/running ~4 miles, secret obsession, stretching

With bananas, I find that there is about a 5-minute window when they are of perfect ripeness. Ha, ha. These in the picture are just about perfect, maybe slightly past that window. Some people like them riper, with more black than yellow, but not me.

I go through phases with bananas. They are not my favorite fruit, but sometimes they do taste wonderful and they are a good, inexpensive, reliable dose of sugar. I definitely eat more of them in the winter. Sometimes they taste like bubble gum and heaven knows I used to LOVE bubble gum. ♥

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . 1 charentais melon (bliss, wish I had 100 of them)
1:00 . . lots of scuppernong grapes
2:00 . . bunch of black grapes
4:00 . . 8 pickling cucumbers + several campari tomatoes (above)
8:00 . . 2 cantaloupes

Play: bit of walking in rain, dance, yoga

There is still a bit of locally-grown produce left. Must make another trip to the farmer's market, especially for tomatoes. And I just love being there, soaking up the sights and smells. Waaaay better than the old grocery store. But I am grateful for good fruit, wherever I find it.

I remember an old adage from Biology: Life is survival of the fittest. So #1 on my list is getting myself to the highest level of health and well-being possible. Then I can be of good ethical service in the world, but only if it does not harm me. ; )

Monday, October 12, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

10:00 . . juice of 8 valencia oranges
1:00 . . . bunch of black grapes
3:00 . . . lots of scuppernong grapes
4:00 . . . 10 pickling cucumbers + 2 tomatoes
6:00 . . . 2 charentais melons
7:00 . . . 4 bananas

Play: barefoot walking/running ~5 miles, stretching, dance, acrobatics

This is the inside of a pickling cuke. Look how beautiful and intelligent Nature is. No human could create what is created for us.

I find these pickling cukes to be so REFRESHING. These are grown locally and they have so much more taste than the large ones. The seeds are very small and soft and not problematic in the least.

Yes, after I eat them I feel REFRESHED. This is the true meaning of the word REFRESHMENTS.

Most so-called refreshments are anything but. ; )

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Girls LOVE to talk about hair. Hair is all things girlie.

If two women who are strangers meet in a public restroom, they will say hello politely and then IMMEDIATELY start talking about their hair like they are long-lost sistahs. Ha, ha. It's true! Hair is our universal language.

Chris Rock has just made a documentary film called Good Hair about the quest of dark-skinned people for. . . good hair. He has to be the funniest person EVER.

So seriously, I just took this picture of my own hair. Not to brag, I am no supermodel, but I am almost 55 and this is my REAL HAIR. I do not color my hair or put any products on it. My husband thinks I must be hiding the hair dye somewhere.

I believe that it is not only magical fruit which gives me this shiny healthy hair, but more importantly the LACK of dead stuff, especially animal "products" and artificial oils and salts. What would make a person's hair turn white and fall out? That's something to ponder. Kinda scary to think about.

I cut my own hair. I haven't been to a salon for over 6 years. Think of the money and time I save, not to mention missing out on those toxic chemicals. Plus, it is a GREAT feeling to be self-sufficient.

Anybody wanna talk hair??? ☺

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

10:00 . . juice of 8 tangerines
1:00 . . . cantaloupe + cherry tomatoes
5:00 . . . lots of black grapes
7:00 . . . 1 charentais melon (above)
8:00 . . . 4 bananas

Play: little bit of walking, yoga

Yesterday I ate lunch out, which I rarely, rarely do any more. But it was a family girlie thing which was special with people I love and there was a buffet lunch with a large bowl of cantaloupe balls. I brought some grapes in case there wasn't anything for me to eat, but wound up going with the melon balls to fit in and they were of a decent quality, maybe a little crunchy.

Even as I am writing this, I am thinking of what a privileged life I have. On the day I was sitting having my little girlie lunch I know there are lots of people who don't have ANY food to eat, or are in the hospital in pain, and here I am writing about whether the fruit served to me was of a good enough quality.

But I also think that if we just had more fruit trees available to more people, there would be less hunger problems and less people sick and in pain and suffering. There would be less restaurants and less need to entertain ourselves with harmful "food" and more awareness of natural pleasures and real health.

The whole restaurant dilemma is a weird modern-day problem and I plan to write more about that soon. In the meantime, I do my best to live and eat simply and in agreement with Nature. It's a whole world of REAL fun and pleasure and I hope everyone will want to join in!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 6 valencia oranges
12:00 . . some black grapes
2:00 . . . some scuppernong grapes
4:00 . . . 2 charentais melons
5:00 . . . 6 pickling cucumbers + a few small tomatoes (locally grown)
7:00 . . . some black grapes

Play: barefoot walking ~4 miles, stretching, secret obsession

This pic is the inside of a charentais melon. Very juicy and SWEET. Most peeps are passing them up because they don't know what a blessing they are.

And to think. . . all of this luscious sugary goodness came from one little seed. Nature is incredible, miraculous, abundant.

I believe the muscadines are done for the year. Goodbye until next year, my friends, and thank you very much. ♥