Saturday, August 29, 2009


Sometimes people comment on the repetitive nature of my "meals."

"Don't you get tired of all those oranges?" or "Watermelon, AGAIN?" or "That's all you're gonna eat, cantaloupe?"

I know where they're coming from, because relative to the complicated meals we've been incorrectly taught to consume, it might appear boring to eat just grapes, or just watermelon, or just bananas.

But the truth is that if the fruit is of a good quality, I NEVER get tired of it!

Do people get tired of their coffee every morning? Or Diet Pepsi throughout the day? Does a chocoholic get tired of their chocolate? Do snackers get tired of their favorite chips? I used to work with a woman who ate the exact same three meals, day after day. And she loved it! I know some people who live mostly on coke and cigarettes.

If you look to Nature, you will see that most animals eat just one thing, or at least very simply. Horses and cows are perfectly content and nourished to eat just grass (if allowed to live naturally on their own), squirrels eat nuts, birds eat seeds and grains. The koala lives all its' life on just eucalyptus leaves.

So relative to other animals, humans as frugivores have a dazzling variety of food to eat. There are hundred of varieties of just apples throughout the world! There are lots of different types of cherries, mangoes, bananas, papayas, sapotes, durians, pineapples, melons, and on and on. There are amazing fruits you've never seen or heard of because they are unique to one region or must be eaten right off the tree or they'll go bad. Some fruits don't ship well.

To me, it shows how mixed up we are that anyone would think a meal of oranges is anything less than the amazing miracle that it is.

I feel like a princess or a glutton when I get to eat all I want of the sweetest watermelon, the creamiest bananas, the most sugary grapes. Thank you, Universe.

And no, I never get tired of it.


  1. Always love your posts on vegsource, n your blog here is great :)
    love the sweetness of life, n agree when quality is good never does it get boring. lookn forward to more!!
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