Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fruit Gifts

Our neighbors sent this BEAUTIFUL fruit basket to us as a thank you. It has bananas, apples, oranges, tangerines, kiwis, pears, a mango, a pomegranate, and a pineapple. And the fruit seems to be of a really good quality. Wow. Such gratitude and amazement I feel.

It was a fanstastic surprise and arrived on a day when it was rainy and cool and I was feeling less than abundant, as my fruit supply was dwindling. It is as if the Universe is showing me that my needs will always be taken care of somehow.

The interesting thing is that I never told these peeps that I am fruitarian. My husband said he may have mentioned once that he was vegetarian.

Since being on this fruit path, I have had many such surprises and gifts. The fruitarian life is indeed magical. ♥


  1. What a beautiful basket of fruit! Yum. :)

  2. Dear Julie ♥
    great to hear that you are attracting such abundance.
    Enjoy your gift XX ♥

  3. Thank you, Kay and Anne! I know you are attracting, too. ♥