Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 Fall-Glo tangerines
12:00 . . juice of 6 Fall-Glo tangerines
4:00 . . . bunch of red grapes
5:00 . . . 4 bananas
7:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 3 organic tomatoes

Play: walking, yoga, stretching, secret obsession

I love obtaining "natural" fruit. By this I mean no plastic bags or artificial containers. I can just put a lot of fruit in my cloth bag and have that weighed at the store. Even better than this would be standing under a fruit tree and having the tree release the fruit into my hands. I have experienced this in my life and it is the ULTIMATE in receiving fruit, a magical, mystical experience. A true communion with Nature. It is part of REALLY living. I intend for this to become a part of my daily life. Somehow.

Yesterday I spent some time at Whole Foods watching people, like a sociology experiment. I sat at a table and watched the folks checking out. I saw the sweetness in their eyes, but also lots of pain and worry and fatigue. I could tell that many people were having serious health problems, trembling, walking stiffly and wincing, breathing heavily, excess fat. Many folks have acne or rosacea or swollen and lumpy faces and bodies, which I know are painful. I watched them all, the younger peeps and the older peeps. It reminded me of my friend Kveta's very wise statement: Younger = less toxic; older = more toxic.

Every day in this modern world, I see and know things which are sad and frustrating. All the ways that we are harming ourselves and other beings is MADDENING. Sending love. ♥


  1. Love your posts...and your blog. Makes me want to eat lots of fruit!

  2. Thank you, guys! That's the idea. Ha, ha. ♥