Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks for Abundance

I stocked up yesterday for the next couple of days and to my eyes it is a beautiful sight. The pineapples are going to be a great treat. What a blessing it all is.

I have to admit I was disappointed to discover that my very favorite valencia oranges are gone for a while, so I'll have to make do until they come back. I found a few valencias elsewhere and some tangerines and a watermelon to take their liquidy place.

Wishing for you a peaceful and healthy day of fruity abundance, wherever you are. I'll be spending the day with my husband's family, and when I am around they load up on lots of fruit and veggies! I am focusing on the positive here. ; ) Also, they are very dear and kind people with interesting lives and we have a lot to share.

I often think of how I could create my own little colony somewhere and we could make up all our own holidays. It's all made up anyway, right? But having a holiday that is a day of focusing on gratitude seems like a good idea to me.

Today I am aware that so many beings have no food to eat, or are in suffering. I am grateful for my health and well-being and the abundance around me, and I wish to share with all. ♥


  1. Hello! I think you are so so great! I have read your whole blog, and am totaly inspiered! I am an 80/10/10 raw foodie, so I still eat some greens, but the rest is all fruit!!

  2. Wow. . . thank you, A, for your very kind words. Yes, I know 811 and Dr. D. . . I went to Costa Rica with him! So glad to hear you are lovin' the fruit. Way to go, buddy! ♥

  3. So you feel totaly fine with no greens at all? Did you loose a lot of weight when you first went fruitarian? I think that your way if eating is so beautiul, I just worry a bit about getting to thin.

  4. Well, I do eat tomatoes and cukes. I wasn't really overweight to start with. . . I lost about 10 pounds, I guess. You don't need to worry about getting too thin. Most people are too fat! Eat all the sweet fruit you want. Bananas and dates are good for keeping weight on, if that's what you want. : )