Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 6 valencia oranges
12:00 . . 6 valencia oranges + 4 medjool dates
3:00 . . . 1 large cantaloupe
5:00 . . . 1 pineapple + a few dates
7:00 . . . 12 oranges + handful of dates

Play: yoga, stretching, acrobatics

Well. Time flies when you're not sitting in front of a computer all day. Sorry for the lapse, fruity peeps.

I recently came across a journal I was keeping when I first started becoming "raw" about 10 years ago. Actually, I had several short journals because I started over so many times. It was funny to read my sweet and naive entries. I kept being so determined and so frustrated because I was falling off the wagon like every single day! It was redonkulous!

With the wisdom of 20/20 hindsight, it is no wonder I couldn't remain "raw." I would start the day with nothing, go off to work, determined to have an "all-raw day," come home for lunch and for my first meal of the day I would eat 2 oranges and a banana. Ha! Then an afternoon snack of celery and guacamole (avocado, lemon juice, sea salt.) And an evening salad of mixed greens, more avocado, and lemon tahini dressing (tahini, lemon juice, water, sea salt.) Then I would just want to EAT AND EAT all kinds of stuff. Vegan junk! I'd make a big peanut butter smoothie with maple syrup. Two of them. Ugh.

Of course, now I can see that I simply wasn't giving my body what it REALLY needs: Living Water and Fruit Sugar. So my body kept wanting and wanting. . . . something. . . . and that something was fruit sugar. But instead I was giving it all that fat and salt, heavy and addictive and dehydrating, to say the least.

I remember when I started to really get it, that my body wanted FRUIT, and I decided to try an all-fruit day. It was such a revelation and an amazing feeling to eat fruit and nothing else all day. I had some watermelon morning and afternoon, lots of it. Then for dinner I had arranged to buy myself a large fruit platter from Whole Foods. I remember that it cost $20. and was loaded up with cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple. It was HUGE and I imagined that it would last for at least a couple of days. I had been used to having some kind of salad or raw veggies for dinner with sea salt in there somehow, so when I started in on the fruit platter, it just tasted SO DARN GOOD and refreshing and I remember very clearly the feeling that went through every cell in my body. It was a feeling of RELIEF.

And I could not stop eating that fruit platter. I ate the WHOLE THING! And wanted even more!

Yeah, it took me even more time to REALLY get it. There was plenty of back and forth, falling out of the fruit tree and such. Boring. But I just wasn't eating ENOUGH fruit. It takes time to understand how much you really need. No restrictions. Lots of fruit. All you want.

But I couldn't help but notice that every single time I ate just fruit, it felt like a giant RELIEF to my body. Every single time. And that is still the case. Because fruit is like the correct key that fits into your lock. It is just right, perfection!

I have been asked if I had problems with detox on fruit. Honestly, I did not. I only had problems with RETOX. Ha! True! That is, every time I ate just fruit I felt BETTER, and every time I ate some junk I felt WORSE.

As soon as I was able to go 2-3 weeks on just fruit it felt one day like a rebirth. Like a GIANT RELIEF. Like all the days of darkness and sickness and tiredness were GONE. Whew. Thank Goodness. ♥

So each of us have our own path to go, our own levels of toxicity to deal with. I was very sick and toxic when I started on this path. And it did not take long, once I was shown the truth, to clean out the junk.

I wish this RELIEF for everyone. I know it is possible. And so easy and simple that it is hard to believe. Eat fruit. Lots of it. All you want.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . juice of 6 valencia oranges
9:00 . . . juice of 8 valencia oranges
1:00 . . . a few medjool dates
3:00 . . . juice of 10 valencia oranges
5:00 . . . 4 bananas, made into pudding
7:00 . . . 4 bananas + a few medjool dates

Play: stretching, yoga

I've been away from the computer for a few days. I feel "lucky" that I am not required to be tied to a computer the way most people around me seem to be. Still, I have to admit I enjoy and appreciate it as much as anyone. I like it for information, friendship and community, and, most of all, inspiration. But I can feel/sense that the artificial light in the eyes is not a good thing, so my body doesn't like to stare too long into the light. I much prefer natural light/sunlight. Also, I can feel the weird vibes emitted from the computer and the TV. They do feel harmful and draining, like they are definitely affecting my energy field. So more and more, I am reducing my time in front of any screens. Darn Olympics. And Survivor. Ha, ha.

I asked my computer guy if he could imagine going off to live on a tropical island with no computer access. He is tied to a computer 24/7, so I thought he would say he couldn't live without a computer. It surprised me when he said, "I might miss it for a day or two, but then I would be happier than ever."

This is my favorite mug for eating banana pudding. I make the pudding with my hand, squishing a banana until it becomes liquid. Sometimes I eat it with my fingers, and sometimes with a bamboo spoon. I think it tastes better with the fingers. ♥

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 6 valencia oranges
11:00 . . 6 valencia oranges
12:00 . . 4 oranges + a few medjool dates
2:00 . . . handful of medjool dates
5:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe
6:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 1 lb. campari tomatoes
7:00 . . . handful of medjool dates

Play: stretching, lots of relaxing

♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Valentines' Day!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I know a way for you to feel the most love you've ever felt in your life. Really! In fact, you will feel so much love, that you will BECOME love. You won't even need to seek it out from other people because you will have so much in your heart for yourself. And it will be so much love that you will have more than enough to share and give.

Can you guess what the secret is???

Yes, it is to simply eat fruit. That is the secret. LOTS of fruit, and nothing else.

Not only will you feel full of love, you will also begin to feel sweet, and smell sweet, and think sweet thoughts, and have sweet dreams. It's a sweet way to go through life. . . much better than your previous lifestyle.

And my #1 tip for people who want to live the fruity life is to always have an abundant supply of super great fruit that you LOVE and eat it freely without restriction! Have all you want! I mean come on, it's mostly water! : )

Love to you ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 8 oranges
12:00 . . 12 oranges
4:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 1 lb. campari tomatoes
6:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 1 lb. campari tomatoes
7:00 . . . a few medjool dates
8:00 . . . 3 oranges + handful medjool dates

Play: acrobatics, dance, stretching

We got a few inches of snow but we're not snowed in. Still, I stocked up on LOTS of oranges just in case. I got probably ~ 100 oranges. Which is always a sight at the store and causes lots of comments. "What're you gonna do with all those oranges?" is the most common one. One woman asked "Do you have lots of children?" Another person said, "Wow, I bet you never get a cold with all that Vitamin C." Ha, ha. She's right!

Actually, I appreciate every opportunity to speak up FOR fruit. I put the emphasis there, on the positive. I also speak up AGAINST junk food and the killing and eating of animals, but I am very subtle about it. I am outwardly sweet but inwardly fierce. I want everyone to know the truth: that fruit is the correct food for humans. I continue to speak up even though I sometimes feel like one little drop of water in the giant ocean of nuttiness. To be truthful, I have learned over time that most people are not interested in giving up all their comfort food to live on fruit. I get it.

But I continue to plant the seed, knowing it takes time for the seed to take root and develop. ♥

Friday, February 12, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . 6 oranges
9:00 . . . 6 oranges
1:00 . . . 4 bananas + 6 medjool dates
5:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + a few dates
6:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 2 lb. grape tomatoes
8:00 . . . 6 oranges

Play: yoga, dance, stretching

These are some before and after pics, designed to show that I don't eat the skins of fruit. It is so easy, and never a problem to eat the delicious fruit inside, and discard the outer protective layer. And when I say discard, I mean place outdoors to either compost or serve as food for other animals. The deer, for example, really love to eat my "cast-offs." And I'm sure that many other animals and insects are also thrilled with the bounty. I love to share with my friends.

If at all possible, I do not eat the skins of fruit. There are a few occasional exceptions, like strawberries, cherries, and raspberries, where the skin is very thin. But otherwise, no skin for me. The body doesn't digest it and it is mostly a harsh fiber. I think of the skin as the protective packaging and not really meant for us to eat. I don't even eat the skin of grapes. It is not something I think about. My mouth just knows to separate and remove the skin, and swallow the rest.

And by the way, these beautiful hand-made pottery plates were given to me by my mother-in-law almost 20 years ago. She collected them for years. Not sure you can tell, but these plates are FRUITY: grapes and figs and their leaves! Another example of fruit synchronicity, as they were given to me many years before I ever even considered the possibility of living on fruit.

The signs are all around us, and we are being guided all the time. ♥

Monday, February 8, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 6 oranges
11:00 . . juice of 8 oranges
2:00 . . . 1 honeydew + 1 cantaloupe
4:00 . . . 1 lb. cherry tomatoes
5:00 . . . a few medjool dates
6:00 . . . 4 bananas + 8 dates

Play: walking/running ~ 4 miles, dance, stretching, acrobatics

This is a bamboo spoon that I am using to eat my honeydew. I got it at Crate & Barrel for 98 cents. What a deal!

It feels better all the way around than a metal spoon. Sometimes I like to just use my hands to eat. Things taste really good that way and I feel like a child. You can cut a melon into small pieces or you can use your hand to scoop out the flesh and juice. It is messy in a fun way.

For me, the ideal way to eat fruit is outdoors, in the sunshine, using only your hands to feed yourself. ♥

Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 valencia oranges
12:00 . . juice of 8 valencia oranges
3:00 . . . juice of 6 valencia oranges
4:00 . . . 4 bananas + handful of medjool dates
6:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + a few dates
8:00 . . . juice of 6 oranges

Play: dance, yoga

When I juice my oranges, I like to juice just one at a time. Because each orange has its' own unique taste, and I prefer to taste each one individually. One is more like honey, another is very orangey, the next is a little spicy like cinnamon, then the next is very sugary. Each fruit is an individual, just like we are! Plus, it helps me to sip more slowly a small amount at a time. Instead of gulping it down into my stomach, it feels like it is being absorbed into my being.

I am always a bit sad when orange season ends, so I am careful to be very present and appreciate this bounty of sweet orange syrup. You will tire of reading about it before I tire of drinking in the syrup. It feels like my life blood lately.

Yesterday I convinced my husband to try having just orange juice in the morning instead of his usual grape + banana smoothie. He had 2 large glasses. He talked about it all day. . . how happy it made him feel, how clean and refreshing and delicious it was, how much he LOVED that orange juice. Uh oh. I think I created a monster. ♥

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 10 oranges
12:00 . . juice of 8 oranges
2:00 . . . juice of 6 oranges
4:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe (in picture)
5:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + some cherry tomatoes
7:00 . . . a few dates

Play: walking in snow ~ 3 miles, sledding, shoveling, stretching, acrobatics

Oh, oh, oh . . . I am in syrup bliss. I am HIGH on fruit syrup.

My friend Anne Osborne has been living on orange syrup for almost 70 days. I once read a story about a young girl who lived on orange syrup alone for 6 months. I wonder if I could do that?

I think I could, except for the watermelon syrup, the cantaloupe syrup, the honeydew syrup, the pineapple syrup, the muscadine grape syrup, the banana syrup, the date syrup. . . .

It's like a bunch of sno-cone flavors. How could I choose just one?

So even though we are still surrounded by snow (and ice) I am not dreaming of hot food. I am only dreaming of more and more and endless supplies of fruit syrup of the highest quality. Very ripe and super sweet is what I want. Honestly, this cantaloupe I took a picture of was so rich and sweet that it was to LIVE for. Syrup euphoria!!! MORE, please. ♥