Friday, October 16, 2009

The Fruit Hunters

This is a brief conversation with Adam Gollner, the author of The Fruit Hunters. He makes some good points here.

I have the book, really enjoyed it, and recommend it for anyone who loves fruit. I learned a lot from his travels around the world. He is obviously a very intelligent person and I appreciate him writing this book. However, he is not a fruitarian himself. There is one chapter about fruitarians that depicts us as nuts and weirdos, but I laughed some about it anyway. Yeah, there are nutty people everywhere. The only reason it is not completely funny to me is that it is a gigantic and very real problem in the world that people are eating biologically incorrect foods. It is causing horrendous amounts of unnecessary suffering and all sorts of problems for all of us.

So I can't help it that I take it very seriously, my message to the world. ♥

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