Friday, September 4, 2009

The Ubiquitous Water Bottle

For YEARS (!) I was toting around a water bottle like everyone else.

If this isn't on the list of Stuff White People Like, it should be.

I was always thirsty and it seemed to me that the bottled water tasted clean and fresh. We all need lots of water, right?

I usually had a stash of old bottles in my car, and I was always running to the store to buy more bottles. I think I was actually afraid of running out. I knew the plastic was wasteful, but. . .

Well, it turns out I needed so much water all the time because I was chronically severely dehydrated like everyone else. Eating dehydrated and toxic foods like crackers, chips, popcorn, and salty cooked and processed foods will do that to ya. Your body needs lots of water to dilute the poison you've put in there.

I never dreamed I would be giving up my precious water bottle but shortly after I started on fruit and dropped all the salty stuff, I found that I just didn't need it any more. It was probably about 2-3 weeks into it that I just quit feeling so thirsty all the time. Plus, as my taste buds cleaned out and became more correctly sensitive, I discovered that even my favorite bottled water actually smelled and tasted terrible, like a mixture of plastic and sewage! All those years I was drinking that nasty stuff. What a shocking surprise. Who even knows what's really in there?!

Fruit is the most hydrating food there is, and it contains living water, naturally distilled by Nature. It takes care of your thirst needs and hunger needs at the same time! Magic!!! And it tastes delicious and sweet.

It has made life so much easier to not have to think or worry about buying water bottles any more. No heavy water bottle to lug around. I am free to travel lighter through this world.


  1. Love this post...and you are so right about the "Stuff White People Like" reference!

  2. Thanks, Holli.

    Ha, ha. I found out it IS on the list! ♥

  3. Thanks for the reference. I admire your commitment to listen to your body.