Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 10 oranges
2:00 . . . 3 bananas
3:00 . . . 3 bananas
8:00 . . . juice of 14 oranges

Play: barefoot walking ~ 5 miles, yoga, 1/2 hour New Secret Obsession

This was an unusual eating day for me. This is more like how I would eat in the winter, lots of oranges and bananas. I go through phases with bananas. I tend to eat more of them in the winter, very few in the summer. But I am grateful for bananas: they are always available everywhere and they are inexpensive. Recently, I bought 11 bananas for $1. And bananas are a great sugar hit! I find that there is one day when they are perfectly ripe the way I like them, so it's a bit of a game to see if you can time it just right.


  1. Hi Julie, very nice blog:)
    Do you buy organic bananas?
    You drink a lot juice of oranges.


  2. Hi, D. . .

    Yes, my husband and I buy organic bananas, mostly, but not always. But in truth, most of the stuff I buy is not organic. I would prefer it in a perfect world. I'll write more about this eventually.

    Thanks for your kindness!


  3. Thank you Julie,

    Organic bananas and other fruits are very expensive, and I understand you. I try to buy also organic.
    I think that fruits and vegetables not organic are less harmful from other products and our organism will deal with the removal...