Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice from 1/4 watermelon
10:00 . . juice from 1/4 watermelon
2:00 . . . ~2 lbs. muscadine grapes
4:00 . . . ~2 lbs. muscadine grapes
6:00 . . . 4 tomatoes + 11 pickling cukes
8:00 . . . ~2 lbs. muscadine grapes

Play: barefoot walking/running ~4 miles, 1/2 hour Secret Obsession, yoga

There are 5 lbs. of grapes in the bowl. So I ate all these yesterday and MORE! I promise you that I look forward to my food these days more than I ever did before. I feel good before, during, AND after I eat. I always feel good. I am not eating anything that I have to recover from, like I used to. It is a feeling of freedom. I am free. ♥


  1. Hi Julie,

    Wow you eat a lot of grapes as I can see:). I love them too. But I love watermelon as well and most fruits except kiwis. How long have you been a Fruitarian Julie? I was 100% Fruitarian but then my weight went so low that I look like a Auswitch prisoner. So I decided to eat a few nuts and add raw vegetables in my diet. Basically becoming a Rawfoodist instead of Fruitarian. That's why I am curious about how you look now. I love your blog,

    Have a wonderful day Juliie.

  2. Hi, Fred. . . Sounds like you're doing great! I've been fruitarian for over 3 years, and an aspiring fruitarian/raw food person for years before that. It took me a long time to let go of The Other. Yes, I've observed that men tend to complain about the weight loss. Ha! Bananas and avocados will help keep weight on if that's what you want. But at the beginning the body needs to clean out, then you will fill out a bit again. Also, we are not used to seeing healthy lean people.

    Thanks for visiting! Love, Julie

  3. Thank you Julie for your support.I will try the transition. But do you think that I will not miss any nutrients found in veggies? That's one of my of my main concern to be honest with you.Do you eat fatty fruits like avos? Also one more question my friend , do you eat conventional fruits or mostly organic ones?

    Take care of yourself ,love,

  4. Hi, Fred. . . Personally, I do not worry about "nutrients" any more. I just eat what I like. No, I have not eaten avos for some time. I eat some organic, some other. I am more concerned to get the freshest, ripest, sweetest fruit.

    I think you will see that as time goes on and you are feeling better and better, your confidence will grow and instincts will kick in and you will be attracted to the best quality fruit and you won't worry about the details so much. But I can't tell you what you do. You will have to find your own way. It is all an experiment.

    Hope this helps,
    Julie :)

  5. Thanks for your reply Julie. What is:
    "/2 hour New Secret Obsession"?
    Take care,

  6. One more question Julie. What type of yoga are you practicing? I do Zen Meditation.


  7. Fred. . my new obsession is SECRET! Ha! It's physical and fun. I like all types of hatha yoga: flow, ashtanga, relaxing. . .

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