Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Changing Your Taste Preference

If you are wishing to eat more fruit, or even to eat only fruit, one thing that will help you is to consider and understand your current taste preferences.

As natural frugivores, humans have an innate desire for sweet things. It is reported that human breast milk is sweet and tastes like cantaloupe juice. (There was a funny episode of Friends about this!) So right from the very beginning, our first tastes are for sweet.

But then some well-meaning person introduces food that is sour/salty/spicy and off we go down the wrong road. Things that are sour/salty/spicy are an acquired taste and if you really want to give up the junk, you will need to let go of these incorrect tastes preferences, both physically and mentally. And even emotionally.

If you are eating some fruit like grapes, what happens when you bite into one that is sour? You know instinctively that it's bad and you throw it out. You want the sweet! Sour is an indication that fruit is not ripe or has gone bad. Do you want a sour orange? No, you want a super sweet one! Do you want the sour in life? No, you want the sweet!

Even with tomatoes I do not like the ones that are sour. I love the sweet ones. The dark red really ripe ones.

And I can't help but notice that when people have had a meal that is sour/salty/spicy (think pizza), they either need to drink a sweet drink or they need to have a sweet dessert. We have a natural "sweet tooth" and it is for fruit, I'm tellin' ya!

Just having this simple understanding has been immensely helpful to me.

And I really feel sorry for the people loading up their plates with all manner of sour/salty/spicy. It is making them feel SOUR! I know all about it.

It is much more wonderful to feel sweet!!!


  1. Bless you, Martin. . .

    Love you back,

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  3. Thank you, Green! I'm glad to know about your site. Love it!!!