Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Banana Pudding

Sometimes when I eat bananas I just take them out of the peels and eat as is. But my favorite way to eat bananas is to make them into a pudding. I do this with one hand in a bowl, one banana at a time. I let the child in me squish and squish the banana, over and over, until it becomes a liquid. It usually takes between 1-2 minutes to get the banana just right, by feel. It makes the banana sweeter and it's fascinating to watch it turn into a liquid.

Pictured is one banana in my favorite banana bowl. I like to do just one at a time because each banana is unique and different, so you get to have different tastes.

I discovered this by accident once when I was talking on the phone and absent-mindedly playing with my food before I ate it. It really changes the taste of the banana, making it loads sweeter and I find it tastes a lot like bubble gum this way! Then I eat it with my fingers. I imagine that Emily Post would not approve. Ha! I swear it tastes better without any utensils.

And what I really love about this technique is that I don't need to use any appliance, like a blender, or electricity, even. All simple and natural, like a monkey. ♥


  1. I have been doing this everyday for a week or two and add some blueberries and I love it. Not the usual mono fruit meal for me, but I can't resist while the blueberries last here.


  2. Hi, Rick! Great to know we're on the same wavelength. Your version sounds great! : )