Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Farmer's Market. . . Again!

I mentioned that I've been going to the Farmer's Market twice a week. I was there yesterday, stocking up on my latest staple, grapes. The green/gold ones are called scuppernongs and the purple ones are my faves, muscadines.

I bought 10 lbs. of muscadines for $20. I got a 26-lb. watermelon as well and some tomatoes.

These last lingering days of summer are so precious. One day I will go and the grapes will be gone. But I'm not going to think about that today. Today I am rich. ♥


  1. Hi Julie, I found you though vegsource.com. I've been enjoying your post a lot. In the past year I've been on mostly fruit smoothies, and have lost 63lbs. (there were a few times I've eaten 'the other food'). I need to lose another 50 or more pounds. Your way of eating is so different than what I'm used to reading on Dr D's site. I know this may sound crasy, but I feel a since of lightness and clear thinking when I read your posts. When you started your journey three years ago, did you go through any withdraws from any of 'the other' foods? It seems like everything is reversing with me...what I mean by that is...I used to smoke 22 years ago, I sometimes smell cigarettes on my skin and in my BM's. I sometimes smell food that isn't there. And I get hiccups every now and than(haven't had them since I was a child). Dr.D says this is normal. Now I'm having to deal with emotional problems from years ago,I've covered up in the past with eating. Its been an interesting trip so far and I can't wait to feel that lightness as well. Did you as well have to deal with some of these things to get to the place you are in now? And also, what is 'new secret obsession'? I also love seeing what you are eating everyday...it looks so simple but yet tasty. By the way, I'm 53 yrs old,5'2" and will someday weigh between 90 to 120 lbs

  2. Hi Julie,

    I love your Blog. It is so refreshing. I am mostly a Raw Foodist(But eats mostly fruits) do you have other pics of yourself? The one on file is great .

    I am Fred. 45. 6.2 160 pounds.

  3. Thank you, Fred, for your kind words. . . yes, more pics will be coming. I am just getting started here. Glad to know you are a raw food person!

    Hi, Jean. . . thank you for writing. 63 lbs. is AMAZING. Good for you. Well, yes, I had a few issues with letting go of The Other, to put it mildly. I still have to remain vigilant. I will write more about this, as it is a problem for everyone. Yes, I had experiences of childhood foods like you, smelling them and tasting them. There is a lot of old gunk stored in all that "weight." I can't tell you my NSO. . . it's SECRET! There is power and energy in secrecy. Give it a try! :)