Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Juicing Oranges

In a perfect world, I would probably never juice a fruit and only eat whole, fresh, ripe fruit right off the tree as the tree drops it into my hands.

And I find that if fruit is of the BEST quality, I do prefer to eat it whole, even oranges. The fiber definitely serves a purpose, allowing for a gradual release of sugar and nutrients and helping to carry toxins and cellular "waste" out of the body.

But there are times and seasons when I feel it is OK to make a little juice from a slightly subpar fruit. Also, when a person is sick, it might be easier on their system to have a little juice. Lately I have been having some fresh orange juice in the morning. I make it one orange at a time and sip it slowly, so it feels like it is being absorbed in my mouth.

I am not a proponent of kitchen appliances. I think a cool thing about this lifestyle is the simplicity of it all and I do enjoy living as close to Nature as possible. I don't use electric juicers or blenders, ever.

However, I did buy this excellent Orange X Juicer about 20 years ago, and since it is here, I use it. And it works wonderfully. It's easy to use and easy to clean. So I posted a link there if anyone is interested in checking one out. Or you can search online for yourself.

I must warn you in advance that this juicer is VERY heavy.

So maybe enjoy an occasional juice, but know that it is usually best to eat the whole fruit. : )


  1. You purchased the juicer 20 years ago? How so? You are going 17 right?


  2. Ha, ha. . . good one, girlfriend! ♥

  3. Love your juicer... Will it make mango juice? How do you make your watermelon juice without a juicer? Pictures? I love your simplicity! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm working toward a life thats less stressful and more simple.

  4. Hi, Jean. . . Well, it is called an Orange X because it is designed just for oranges. It has a dome-like shape inside to place 1/2 of an orange to press it. I don't think it will work for mangoes, but I wouldn't ever want to make mango juice anyway. They are so perfect whole. I wrote a blog about making watermelon juice. I just scrape the melon with a big spoon, then spoon the juice through a sieve into a glass. It's easy! Watermelon is mostly juice anyway.

    Hope this helps. . .sounds like you have a good plan! Simple is good. :)