Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Foraging for Fruit

So on Sunday when I was out walking I checked on some of the wild muscadine grapevines on the small mountain where I live and they were teeming with ripe grapes. It is peak time for them. I was SO excited!!! I stood under one canopy of vines and looked up and there were HUNDREDS of grapes hanging there. I just happened to be hungry/thirsty after walking quite a bit so I stood there and ate my fill. Man, were they good and sweet, rich tasting. Amazingly, no one else seems to even notice they are there.

It is hard to describe the perfection one feels when being in Nature and eating live ripe fruit right off the tree or vine. One feels perfectly nourished on all levels. I am dreaming of living in such a way and in such a place that this is the way I live and eat every day.

It was so great to feel, just for one day, that I was not dependent on the "stores" or on running home for food. I felt free as a bird and taken care of by Nature. It felt so right, because it IS right.

And now, here is the coolest part of my little grape foraging story. These vines exist because over the last few years, I spread these seeds all over the place as I walked along, eating muscadine grapes. I just threw the seeds out haphazardly as I went along. Didn't bother to plant them or anything. Each year there are more vines everywhere as other animals and birds spread the seeds.

I encourage you to start looking around and noticing what is growing wild in your area, or even on other people's properties. And I encourage you to throw out fruit seeds everywhere. Not only will you be living in agreement with Nature, but hey, it's free food for you or other beings! And more delicious than anything you can buy anywhere. ♥

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  1. Nice story. Also thanks for the idea of the banana pudding:). I never thought about that before and it taste so good. As advised by somebody I added some blueberries in it and it taste even better:). thanks for sharing.