Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

11:00 . . juice of 8 valencia oranges
5:00 . . . black grapes galore!
6:00 . . . more grapes + some campari tomatoes
7:00 . . . more black grapes

Play: yoga, gymnastics, dance

Nope. Still not tired of grapes. Grapey grapey sugary goodness. ♥

I picked up some great looking melons, cantaloupes and charentais, yesterday. They look really good, but you know, with fruit you can't ever be 100% certain.

When you are buying processed food, you pretty much know what you are going to get. (Poison, but that's another topic.) Every can of Campbell's Tomato Soup is going to taste the same. Every Oreo cookie will be identical. You never have to wonder if this bag of potato chips is ripe or not. (It's rotten, always, but again, a topic for another day.)

When living on fruit, a part of the whole experience is dealing with fruit that is underripe, overripe, or just not very good-tasting. If we were living in Nature and eating off the tree or vine, it would be easier to know when fruit was ripe and ready. The tree or vine releases the fruit easily when the seeds are viable and the fruit is at its' peak of ripeness.

If buying fruit, your chances are better by getting fruit at a farmer's market or stand. The farmers usually offer samples of their produce and it's just more likely the fruit was picked at its' peak.

But as most of us are buying fruit from a store, where the fruit was probably picked green, shipped some distance, and refrigerated, it is a bit of a guessing game when it comes time to choose your food. And it is discouraging to spend $5.00 on a melon that turns out to be inedible.

Even though I have become more of a fruit connoisseur and know some tricks about looking for the best fruit, it does happen to me occasionally that I buy fruit that is a disappointment. Just wanted you to know that it happens to all of us. I consider it a very minor problem of the lifestyle. And I have learned to not buy slews of something until I am CERTAIN it is of the best quality by tasting a sample first. I will admit that I am very, VERY picky about my fruit. ; )

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