Monday, August 31, 2009

The Sense of Smell

The process of moving from The Other (junk food) to fruit has brought many wonderful and magical changes to all levels of my being.

One of the first things I noticed was that all my senses started to improve/heighten. In particular, my sense of smell has become extraordinary. This can be both a good and bad thing.

If I am in Nature, it is a great thing since I am able to really enjoy all the fantastic smells of the natural world. Yesterday, while out walking, I suddenly discerned an overwhelmingly sweet perfumy whiff that seemed to envelop me. It was so beautiful and powerful that I had to know what it was coming from. I looked around and saw only trees and lots of huge green "weeds" around 40 ft. away. I was able to follow the path of the smell and went directly to a lone flower cluster sitting atop one of the weeds (pictured above.) Up close, the scent was intoxicating. I smelled and smelled! But left the flower where it belongs and lives. I can go smell it any time I want!

Back when I was eating The Other and was half-asleep, dull, confused and clogged up, I probably wouldn't have noticed this heavenly smell. Yeah, I was missing out all around. I think most people are missing out by not having full access to their senses, their intelligence, and their feelings.

This heightened sensitivity to smell is super good for a frugivore human foraging for fruit in Nature. You would be able to locate orange trees and mango trees and to enjoy all the perfuming flowers like honeysuckle and ylang ylang and trees like the pine. You could love smelling oceans and waterfalls and rain. And all fruit trees smell delicious!

The downside of this improved sense of smell is smelling all the bad odors that humans have created: gasoline and car fumes, cooked decayed flesh of animals (oh, bless their hearts), plastic, chemical and industrial plants, and the smell of humans themselves. Yes, most people smell bad and try to cover it up with toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, soap, shampoo, deodorant, and artificially-perfumed everything. What is causing this bad human odor? The worst offenders are meat (animal flesh), cheese, butter, onions, and garlic. And then all the other dead junk that just rots in your system.

Oops. Went a little crazy there ranting, folks.

If you are eating only fruit, you will smell like. . . . a piece of sweet fruit! You will feel sweet, too.

And, fortunately, there are still places on earth where it smells better than a city.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have just been turned on to your blog as I progress down fruit lane. I feel like I am just realizing I am a fruitarian (as vegetables don't feel good to me). Anywho, I've been transitioning for a year now and one thing I have noticed it other people's SMELL!!! I can literally smell rotting meat in people's guts.
    You are validating so much I am feeling and noticing!!! I feel like I live on another planet than everyone else.

    Btw, I am reading all your posts from first one to the latest. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

  2. Hi, Leigha! Thank you so much for your wonderful note. ♥ Yes, I often feel like I am waiting for the mothership to pick me up. Ha! Happy reading . . . Love, Julie