Sunday, August 16, 2009

Salt Hurts

Salt, in all its' insidious forms, is a poison.

I didn't fully know this until I went for about 3 weeks of eating only fruit and then ate some lemon tahini salad dressing. Wow. I used to love that stuff, but this time it tasted TERRIBLE, like being knocked down by an ocean wave and having salt water go up your nose and gulping it down your throat and then trying hard to spit all this salty stuff out.

Plus, it hurt my lips and the inside of my mouth. And later, it hurt all the cells in my body which swelled up and it hurt my brain and my thoughts.

I've eaten plenty of salt in my lifetime, but I honestly didn't KNOW it was harmful. I'm sure there were phases when I even believed it was good or necessary. My circus coach had us taking salt pills in the summer, to replace the salt we lost through sweating. Yikes! And when you are eating it all the time, your body gets numb to its' harmful effects, like a smoker who can't feel how much it hurts to smoke.

So when I started giving up all salt and eating only fruit, I was amazed to find how harmful it really is. It's one thing to have someone tell you this, and quite another to experience it yourself. I fell out of the fruit tree MANY times, and each time it was to eat something salty, some sort of condiment, usually. It didn't take much of this cheating (on myself?!) to figure out that the human body reacts really badly to salt (and correctly so), with pain and nausea and dark thoughts.

I was shocked to discover that salt causes REALLY dark and weird thoughts. After my first little binge on salty stuff, I began thinking about how I wanted to hit people in the head with a shovel. What?!?! I'd never had such a thought before in my life. I felt an out-of-control kind of anger that was new.

Another time, I ate some soy "bacon" bits, another previous favorite, and they had an extreme effect. I became flushed and got some scary heart palpitations and started crying like a child having a tantrum. I felt like I had been poisoned and I had! That stuff is super salty and contains several different forms of salt, like MSG, the ultimate brain poison. That was 3 years ago, and the last time I put any of those in my mouth. I'm afraid of them now, thankfully.

Salt is such a toxic substance that your body will hold POUNDS of extra water just to dilute it and reduce the harm to your cells.

Some people have committed suicide by ingesting large doses of salt.

So what are you doing if you are ingesting small doses of salt???


  1. Wonderfully helpful. Thanks for helping me make sense of salt's real effects on my body!

  2. wow

    I know all fast food usually has three things: salt fat and sweet. Those three are addicting