Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Key

I have found, for myself, that The Key to maintaining the fruitarian lifestyle is to always have access to PLENTY of fruit that you love.

I just picked up all the fruit in the picture above at the Farmer's Market for under $30. That's a lot of food there. And just looking at it makes me feel rich. Why would I want anything else when I have all that? And I know it is all of the best quality: the sweetest watermelons, the tastiest tomatoes, the most sugary scuppernong grapes. (The purple muscadines are my faves. Already ate them.)

At any given time, I know where all the best fruit is in town. I put my thoughts and energy about food into that pursuit. And the Universe is always sending fruit my way.

In my future utopia, I will be picking all my fruit right off the tree/bush/vine. But for now, I am grateful for all this abundance.


  1. Love your blog Julie.... thx for sharing your feast with us! I've been eating israeli(galia) melons like there's no tomorrow! Owner of my farmer's market actually started giving the slightly bruised ones to me for free, I was buying so many. :-)

  2. Love you, Sarah!

    Yeah, it's like your dealer is supplying you now. Ha! Maybe it's also because you are so cute. . .

    Thanks so much for visiting and writing. I appreciate you!

    : )