Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 8 valencia oranges
12:00 . . 2 cantaloupes
4:00 . . . 4 valencia oranges + 8 dates
8:00 . . . juice of 10 oranges + 1 lb. cherry tomatoes

Play: yoga

They are predicting a major snowstorm for this weekend, so I will need to stock up. I imagine I will just pick up LOTS of oranges, bananas, dates, cantaloupes, tomatoes, pineapples and anything else that looks promising.

I am really into the oranges now and thankfully they are excellent. So are the cantaloupes. All have been quite syrupy lately, and I find myself thinking orange. The other day in the store I saw a bottle of Orange Crush, something that was a special treat from my childhood. After that, I just wanted to get home to my own orange syrup. It also reminds me of another childhood favorite: Nikl Nips, little wax bottles filled with fake fruity syrup. Have you ever noticed how children LOVE fruit-flavored candy and drinks? Man, I sure did. Children KNOW.

Yes, lately I have orange syrup on the brain. ♥


  1. I totaly know what you mean with the orange syrup on the brain!! I have the same syndrome! Have you ever had cara cara oranges? They are pink on the inside! I have a pick of them on my blog if you wanna see

  2. You have probably been asked this question a million times, Julie, but how long did it take you to not crave salt? Thanks, Esmee

  3. Yes, Jules... I had Nikl Nips sometime last year and I have to say... they tasted chemically and irritated me! Nothing is kinder to us than fruit! And we can have a lot of fruit and still feel good! ☺ It's really nice. Fruitarians definitely know where it's at!

  4. dear julie,
    i just wanted to send you light and sweet wishes. you are a big inspiration for me. i love your blog and the way you live your sweet life.
    i send you love, love, sweet love

  5. Wow. . . I love you, Fruity Girlfriends. ♥

    Yes, Alyssa, I have had them before. They ARE beautiful! Thank you. ♥

    Dear Esmee. . . Hmmmmm, about the salt. . . I guess it did not take long, because I wasn't ever big on salt. I was more of a sugaraholic which was cured IMMEDIATELY when I started eating fruit. Now I can eat sugar all day long. Ha! I do not miss salt because I think it tastes and feels TERRIBLE. If I want something salty/savory I eat tomatoes. Hope this helps. ♥

    Hey, Tinah. . . very funny that you know about Nikl Nips. I guess they still do make them. But you are right. . . the real thing is better! ♥

    Thank you, Sweet Mouthwash! You won't need any mouthwash if you are living on fruit. ;)

    Sweet Isabel. . . bless your heart. For the record, I am far from perfect, but thank you for your loving words. I appreciate you. ♥