Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . juice of 6 valencia oranges
9:00 . . . juice of 4 valencia oranges
2:00 . . . 6 valencia oranges
3:00 . . . 1 lb. of organic grape tomatoes
4:00 . . . 6 valencia oranges
8:00 . . . 6 valencia oranges + 1 lb. organic grape tomatoes
9:00 . . . another handful of grape tomatoes

Play: dancing, yoga

OK, I don't know what is in these grape tomatoes but it must be some kind of crack! I can't stop eating them! They taste SO delicious with the oranges, too. A little sweet, a little salty. No pizza could taste better than these tomatoes. I'm serious. Simple pleasures are the best.

And the oranges are starting to be good, and prolific.

I woke up this morning thinking about how I get to spend this day eating oranges and tomatoes again. I have nothing else on my mind, foodwise. So I'll be stopping in to stock up on my two new faves. ♥


  1. Hey Jules, I love reading your blog! I've been reading it for some time now so now I felt the time was right to leave you a comment and thank you for the inspiration.
    I feel the same about those grape tomaotes - they must contain some kind of crack or something. I am addicted to them!! :-)

  2. julie,
    i am sorry for being insistent and anxious las time.
    i know fruit is the natural food for humans because it is a beautiful creation of god.
    you are right.
    i admire you and you inspire me a lot.
    thank you for living life as you do because it helps our mother nature
    i wish you sweet love, beauty and peace.

  3. Thank you, sweet Lissa. . . yay for the tomatoes. I do understand! ♥

    Hey, Isabel. . . no problemo. . . and I appreciate so much your sweetness and kindness. It lifts me up. ♥