Saturday, January 9, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . juice of 6 oranges
12:00 . . juice of 6 oranges
2:00 . . . 2 oranges + handful of grape tomatoes
5:00 . . . grape tomatoes + pickling cukes + dates + bit of banana pepper
7:00 . . . more of the same (delicious)

Play: dancing, stretching, acrobatics

I came across a quote yesteday that I'll share:

"You don't become sick from smoking one cigarette, and you won't become healthy by eating one apple. Health is cumulative, and so is disease." Dr. Doug Graham

That's a great one! And to that I will add:

REAL healing takes time.

But what more wonderful and delicious (!) way to heal than by eating sweet juicy fruit, getting lots of rest and sleep, and doing some kind of body movement that you LOVE to do!?

In this crazy world, we are healing all the time, working on ourselves all the time. The fun never ends! If you are eating enough sweet fruit for fuel, you WILL think it is fun! ♥


  1. She is right. Your blog is fantastic. we want to see more pictures of yourself:)


  2. I totaly agree with you on the whole always healing thing. It is amazing what our bodies do. They WORK for the energy that we give them. Isn't that so cool! Our bodies have to expend energy to extract the energy from our food, yet that is what it does each day! And we can sleep for eight hours, and then be totaly active for 16. Our bodies are wonders. That is why is it so amazing to be able to feed them only nourishing food. Love your blog!!

  3. ALSO! I would love to hear what you think of my blog, if you are interested! Thanks, I really really do think you are just so fab.

  4. finally someone who loves oranges as much as I do!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you, everyone. I am being guided by my intuition in what I post here. I know people always want MORE. Ha! ♥