Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 12 valencia oranges
11:00 . . . 8 valencia oranges
2:00 . . . strawberries, right off the vine (lots!)
4:00 . . . more strawberries
6:00 . . . strawberries + local tomatoes (yes!)
7:00 . . . strawberries

Play: walking/running ~5 miles, dance, stretching

So I finally went to the organic strawberry field and picked my own. I went later this year than usual and the berries seemed sweeter than ever. It was just such a lovely day all the way around . . . very warm and sunny with a cooling breeze. Most of the time I was out there by myself, which I loved. So peaceful and quiet with all the sounds of Nature.

This is what is meant for us, to be picking our fruit right off the vine or trees, eating it warm with the sun and so alive and vital and SWEET. I ate an entire meal right off the vine. One for me, one for the basket. Two for me, two for the basket. I told the nice people that I wanted to pay them extra for all I ate but they wouldn't take it! It's toward the end of the season and they were just happy to have someone there at all. So I got a free meal of the sweetest strawberries EVER. Livin' the fruitarian life. :)

Each berry was so indescribably soft and light and sweet . . . each one literally melted in my mouth. They were like sweet marshmallows with a jammy sugary sweetness and a rich, rich strawberry flavor. Out of this world MAGICAL! The ones right off the vines were the best of all, full of prana. It was really interesting to experience how the ones I ate later were still wonderful, but missing a bit of vitality. It was noticeable, definitely.

So this serves to remind me of how fantastic it would be to really be living the dream . . . eating all my fruit right from the tree or vine, every day. I believe I will fit in one more visit to the strawberry farm before they are all gone. Thank you, Mother Nature. Thank you, organic growers. ♥

I will never forget this day. One of my best fruitarian experiences ever. ♥


  1. I had 3 quarts of honey tangerine juice with strawberries blended in yesterday. I was so good! You are right, fully ripe honey tangerines are entirely sweet with no tart.

  2. Dear Esmee . . . Oooh, honey tangerine juice. Jealous! ;) ♥

  3. Dear Julie,
    Lovely post.
    Those Strawberries look so good ♥
    I know what you mean about that special something with just picked fruit.
    Over the past few days, Cappi and I have been having fresh Figs and Passion Fruit from the garden, and eating them is an amazing experience ♥
    Love and Peaches,
    from Anne XX.

  4. Thank you, dear Anne! Fresh figs and passion fruit sounds HEAVENLY! ♥