Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . hand-squeezed pineapple juice (SO good!)
12:00 . . several glasses honey tangerine juice
1:00 . . . some local strawberries
3:00 . . . 2 lbs. campari tomatoes + a few pickling cukes
6:00 . . . lots (!) of cantaloupe pieces
8:00 . . . a few dates

Play : ballet and stretching, walking

Yesterday I really felt like a princess with so many super good things to eat. I cannot express how vital and sweet the pineapple juice was. I wanted gallons of it! And the feeling and thought of it stayed with me all day. You just KNOW when you get something your body loves and needs. ♥

And I felt the same with the honey tangerine juice. Like a silky sweet waterfall for my cells. My tastebuds were tingling with happiness.

Eating these strawberries reminded me that the very best strawberries I've ever had were in Costa Rica, grown by an organic farmer. They were sugary sweet! I didn't know strawberries could even be that sweet. The second best I ate last year, right off the vine at an organic farm. I'll be going there again this week for more fruity pleasure.

Yes, it is so worth it to scout out the very best fruit you can find, wherever you are. After a while, you develop a 6th sense about what you need and what is going to be really good quality. All the time and attention and money that I used to spend on complicated recipes and the latest kitchen gadgets and restaurants and on thinking of what I should eat/shouldn't eat (whew!) I now spend on simply finding good fruit. MUCH easier and far more enjoyable and the payoff is THE BEST!

We went to an outdoor wedding yesterday, by a lake with beautiful geese, and it was lovely to be outdoors. Plus they had a huge platter of endless fruit, and I latched onto the melon. I ate many plates of melon and got to talk to people about eating fruit. I love promoting the idea of it and giving my message to the world. It is slow, it is subtle, but I can feel that people are waking up. Me included. There is still so much to learn and understand about this life experience and beyond! :)


  1. Julie,
    I wanted to share this with you, I stumbled across it yesterday:
    Feel free to read the column but my point here is the "A tempory Period" section.
    Read the paragraph there..
    It bothered me what they said there.
    This is a fasting site where I read this.

  2. Hi, Rob. . . I just read that whole article. Thanks for sharing. I am not bothered in the least by any negative viewpoints. There are plenty of judgements and opinions in this world! It makes me think of this: Confucious say person who says a thing cannot be done should not interrupt person doing it. Ha! Look at Harley, Freelee, and Michael Arnstein. 2 of them are world-class athletes and they are living on fruit. But the only way you will really KNOW is to live it yourself. Life is an experiment, for all of us. Hope this helps you feel better. :)

  3. 2 cool Jules... ur quite the inspiration !!

  4. Wow. . . thank you, RawDad! Hope all is well with you. ♥

  5. Hi! I love reading your blog. I'm just curious, how did you hand squeeze a pineapple? :)

  6. Hi, Fruitful, and thank you! I put large sections of a pineapple in a big bowl and squeezed it and worked it with my hands. Then I let everything settle and poured the juice out of the bowl into a glass. I did this several times until there wasn't any juice left. Hope this helps. :)

  7. That does help, and I'm going to try it. Thanks for this helpful pineapple juicing method :)

  8. Good, Fruitiful! I definitely prefer not using electrical appliances. But to each his own, and whatever works for you! ♥

  9. Have you tried watermelon, strawberry juice? I've been drinking it by the quart for the past few days with a dash of lime....I like the idea of juicing the pineapple by hand. :)

  10. Hi Julie,

    There is a new web community called Fruitarian Nirvana. I wasn't sure if anyone told you about it yet, so thought I would post it for you here.

  11. Hi, Kay! I definitely do LOVE watermelon juice alone. I probably wouldn't want to mix it with strawberries, but glad you found something you love. :)

    Thank you, Esmee! It looks great. I just haven't taken the time yet to join, but I'm sure I will. Not spending so much time online lately. ♥