Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 10 honey tangerines
1:00 . . . 16 honey tangerines
5:00 . . . 8 honey tangerines
8:00 . . . 16 honey tangerines

Play: lots of yoga

At the present time, my 3 favorite fruits are watermelon, honey tangerines, and muscadine grapes. If I only had access to these 3 fruits for the rest of my life, I could live on them and be very happy.

If I lived in the tropics, I would surely have a different list of favorite fruits. And in fact, it is almost a silly exercise to try to choose favorites. We are so blessed as humans that fruit is our food. Because there are so many types and varieties of each type that it would be impossible to try them all. Most animals live on only one type of food: horses and cows on grass, koalas on eucalyptus leaves, squirrels on nuts and seeds. So we really lucked out in the scheme of things! What tastes better than ripe sweet fruit?! Nothing!

But I digress.

Since honey tangerines are one of my favorite foods, it is easy to take advantage of their season and live mostly on them for a month or so. Yesterday that is all I ate! I had a mono day of honey tangerines. 50 of them! Or maybe more. I wasn't really counting.

This is not something I plan out ahead of time, although that is just about all I have in the kitchen right now. Pineapples are looking good, too, and I've had a few in the last few days.

I prefer to go day by day, moment by moment, not planning with my mind what will happen next. But when it does happen that I have a mono day, I really enjoy the simplicity and ease and my body really likes it, as well.

Soon it will be time to go pick some strawberries. ♥


  1. it's so wonderful that you have found fruit that can sustain your taste buds all day, due to work i have had to rely heavily on Orange Juice for a quick energy in take, and while i do love me some oj i would love to spend thirty/fourty minutes chowing down on other yummy low cal fruit

  2. Hello Wonderful! I do not want to be a bother, but I just have a question for you... I have been off and on fruitarianism for a few months, I had a little time where I ate some veggies and I swelled up like a balloon! I was just wondering if you had any major weight fluctuations or other weird things go on in your bdoy when you first went fruitarian? Or was it a nice smooth ride for you? If you did have a reaction, how long did it last? Thank you!

  3. Hi, Brillo86. . . . Yeah, it's hard to beat good old fresh OJ, if the oranges are sweet. I know that Michael Arnstein, a marathoner, relies on it to fuel him for races. Bananas are pretty handy for taking to work, and melons like cantaloupes. And good dates, if you can find them. :)

    Hi, Alyssa. . . . No bother! Well, I have to say it was not a smooth ride at the very first because I had a hard time sticking just to the fruit. I mean, I was falling out of the fruit tree right and left! Ha, ha. But once I was able to calm down, and get adjusted to new habits and lifestyle, then all fell into place. But like you, I had a lot of questions early on about whether a person needed greens or not, and all that jazz, so there was plenty of experimentation going on. The only "reactions" I ever had were when I ate junky stuff like salt and condiments and such. Ugh. Plenty of puffiness and swelling. And it would take days or even weeks to get over it. But on just fruit, no problems. Hope this helps. :)

  4. That helps so very very much! Thank you! I am just going to stick to it. No more funny buisness! Thank you so much.

  5. Ha, ha. . . funny business! :) It's a process, for sure. Just do the best you can. It will all come to fruition. ♥

  6. hello!
    I lived on fruit only for almost 2 years and never felt better in my life!
    It took a few fasts and a lot of will power to get there but i did.
    I went from 250 down to 160 and was on top of the world.
    But thanks to temptations all around me I fell back to SAD.
    Not meat but cooked food like beans and greens.
    I read Arnold Ehrets Mucusless Diet book and he recommends to transition into fruit.
    I didnt do that back then , I just went for it!
    Well Im trying to get back there now and Im
    really happy i found your blog.
    A guy named Maltron on Natural hygiene posted it and I will be following you now if thats ok.
    I have 120 lbs of organic oranges and im getting back to fruitarian because i too believe we are fruitarians.
    I lived it almost 2 years and I know!

  7. Hello again to our fruity inspiration! My love (Brillo86) and I are finding we fall out of the fruity tree more often than we'd like, especially lately when stress over some BIG changes seems to whisper evil food things in our ears, lol. Can you speak to the savory food cravings and how you wrestled with them in the beginning, if you had them? I thought tomato based things would be my salvation there but as it turns out, no night shades for me, only fruit.

    Thank you again for sharing your experiences honestly, it means the world to us! ;)

  8. Hi, Rob! I remember you! Wow. . . you lost 90 lbs! That is just fantastic. . . and so you KNOW how good it feels. Yeah, food habits and environment are pretty powerful. We all need to keep each other uplifted and inspired. It is very cool that you are back on fruit. Great time of year. Keep reading DurianRider's stuff. He keeps preaching LOTS of fruit!!! TONS of it! So happy to hear from you. If you did it for 2 years, you can do it again. Power and love to you. ♥

    Hi, Fruit Faery. . . Thank you so much! Good for you and Brillo86. . . you can help each other have fun with this. I TOTALLY understand about reverting to old habits. I wish I had some magical words, thoughts, or ideas to fix it for you right now. I'll write about it soon. Where there's a will, there's a way. You will figure this out. Be gentle with yourself. What and who you are around is very important. You may need to eat ridiculous (!) amounts of really good, sweet fruit, especially at first. It really does get easier as a new habit is established. Just keep living your way into your new habits. ♥

  9. Alyssa,

    That's the problem when you can't eat enough fruits or high quality fruits(bio-org). I personally would love to be on a 100% fruit diet but financially talking I can't. So I mix my diet with salad and raw vegetable. I am about at 80% fruits 20% vegetables. That's probably what prehistoric humanity was on for million years before they start walking so I don't feel bad!. But Jules is right if you can afford to be on a 100% fruit that's even better.