Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 14 honey tangerines
1:00 . . . a few medjool dates
2:00 . . . 14 honey tangerines
4:00 . . . 2 cantaloupes
6:00 . . . 12 honey tangerines + a few dates

Play: walking/running 6 miles, dance, yoga

This pic is a branch of the Black Mission fig tree I planted a few years ago. I bought it for $12. at a local nursery. It was all alone, looking pitiful and almost dead. I brought it home, calling it my Charlie Brown tree, and nursed it along. Now it is firmly established, beautiful and happy, and grows more every year. This year it has already started putting out figs. You can see 2 on this branch. There are dozens all over the tree. This tree has its' own wisdom and personality. I never know what it is going to do. Last year it didn't have any figs at all. I think it was resting. And now, it is putting out figs early. A wonderful gift!

Who needs TV or computer when one can just watch what is going on in Nature. There is so much to see and learn about. It never ends.

And one of the greatest marvels is watching fruit form and grow. An entire tree grows up out of the earth from just one little seed. And will produce thousands of fruits, all with little seeds. How is this possible?! It's a miracle, really.

And as the world of Nature is coming more alive (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) I feel myself coming more alive. Lately I have really been feeling "in the zone." Thank goodness for the sun and its' light and warmth.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free. ♥


  1. do you usually just juice the tangerines or eat them raw (once slice at the time for instance) or more like an orange? I'm curious.

  2. your posts are inspiring!! You seem to eat big amounts of food...does your weight stay steady at 90 or does it fluctuate? I am just beginning my journey...you are quite an inspiration..coco

  3. Hi, veganman! If you scroll down a few days you'll see a pic of a red plate with tangerine pieces on it. That's how I eat them! If the fruit is of good quality, I prefer to eat it rather than juice it, although I'm not opposed to juicing. :)

    Hi, Coco! My weight stays pretty steady although I think I put on a couple of lbs. over the winter. I was hibernating too much and eating lots of dates and bananas. Ha, ha. Feeling lighter already with the warm weather and increased activity. You might be interested to go to www.30bananasaday.com to see how much fruit peeps are eating. Thank you for your kind words. ♥

  4. Well, you may have changed my life...

    I've had 39 tangerines today, 6 pears and 5 apples.

    I think the tangerines are my best favorite fruit, thanks to you for "making" me try them, they really are the best thing in the world.

    My grocery store (PCC, in Seattle) has some organic ones that are *really* tasty, their skin is VERY thick, and sometimes it's quite challenging to open, therefore I ask, do you usually use a knife or any other utensil to peel them? I've heard some (Vietnamese) people let one of their thumb nail grow to do that more easily. I figured I'd ask you since you've probably ate more tangerines than they ever did in Vietnam anyway :)

  5. Hi again, veganman! Honey tangerines are one of my favorites, too. I totally understand. Like I said, scroll down on my blog a bit and you'll see a pic of a red plate with tangerine slices on it. I cut those with a knife. It is more efficient that way. Sometimes, though, if I have lots of time to hang with my food, I'll peel with my hands. That's fun and messy! :) Thank you for writing. ♥

  6. Dear Julie,
    Your Fig tree is beautiful.
    Home grown fruit is so precious.
    Loving your blog.
    Wishing you a Wonderful Day XX.

  7. Thank you, Anne! It is wonderful to see you here. You are right. . . it IS precious. ♥