Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 6 valencia oranges
11:00 . . 6 valencia oranges
12:00 . . 4 oranges + a few medjool dates
2:00 . . . handful of medjool dates
5:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe
6:00 . . . 1 cantaloupe + 1 lb. campari tomatoes
7:00 . . . handful of medjool dates

Play: stretching, lots of relaxing

♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Valentines' Day!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I know a way for you to feel the most love you've ever felt in your life. Really! In fact, you will feel so much love, that you will BECOME love. You won't even need to seek it out from other people because you will have so much in your heart for yourself. And it will be so much love that you will have more than enough to share and give.

Can you guess what the secret is???

Yes, it is to simply eat fruit. That is the secret. LOTS of fruit, and nothing else.

Not only will you feel full of love, you will also begin to feel sweet, and smell sweet, and think sweet thoughts, and have sweet dreams. It's a sweet way to go through life. . . much better than your previous lifestyle.

And my #1 tip for people who want to live the fruity life is to always have an abundant supply of super great fruit that you LOVE and eat it freely without restriction! Have all you want! I mean come on, it's mostly water! : )

Love to you ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Have you ever gotten the Flu since becoming a fruitarian? I have only been on the diet (I include leafy greens) for 6 weeks, and I just got the Flu. Haven't had it in 10 years and I am kind of surprised. Any thoughts?

  2. Dear Esmee. . . I haven't had the "flu" or a "cold" in some time. Occasionally I feel tired or a bit run down, and then I give myself extra rest and sleep. Not sure what is going on with you. No way for me to know, but maybe it is detox. I imagine that rest, sleep, and plenty of orange juice or melons would help. Hope it passes quickly for you. ♥

  3. I loved your Valentine's Day post.

    Do you ever drink water?

  4. Julie

    Have you always not eaten the skin? What about red peppers. I used to hate bell peppers. When I started eating fruitarian, I started craving the red ones. I'll eat three for breakfast! But I don't think you can skin them.

  5. Hi, Esmee. . . I get all the water I need from eating fruit. I wrote a blog about water here:

    Hope this helps!

    Hi, Debbie. . . Yes, I have always NOT eaten the skin if I can help it. I rarely eat red pepper, but that would be one of which I would eat the skin, since it is so thin. Glad you are loving them. : )

  6. i think this is possible the right route for me but i'm a student and very poor can u have a sucessful fruitarian diet on a budget?

  7. Great blog! I totally believe I can do this and your blog has great words springing forth from an inspired fruitarian herself! <3 love to you!

  8. hi julie,

    i decided to start my own blog regarding my thoughts and experiences on a raw, low-fat, fruit-based diet, and i referenced you and your blog in my first posting. you can read my comments at

    thanks for being a guiding light.

  9. Dear Julie,

    I've been enjoying your blog as usual. Thanks for the Valentines Day positivity :)

    I hope it's not too much to ask, but I have some personal things going on in my life right now that I'd like to talk to another fruitarian about. Is it possible to contact you through email?

  10. Jules, You don't eat the skin of what? Sorry I don't see a reference for that comment--maybe I'm missing something! Thanks! Laurie

  11. Dear Anonymous. . . I think the fruit diet is relatively inexpensive. After all, you are not spending money on any junk, or on supplements, medical expenses, Starbucks, restaurants, etc. If I had to, I could live on $5. a day, but it would be mostly bananas. Hope this helps!

    Thank you, Tinah! Yes, you can do this and you ARE doing it. We can be grateful we even know about this way of life... most people never do and suffer for it.

    Hi, Esmee. . . Very nice on the blog! I look forward to reading it! Thank you for your kind words. ♥

    Dear Ran. . . Yes, I will contact you through email if you leave your address here for me. We can "talk" that way. Thanks for the thanks! ♥

    Hi, Laurie. . . Just read down a few blog entries. There are pictures of grape tomatoes. I wrote about not eating the skins of fruits there. : )