Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Candy! ♥

OK, so I just HAVE to include a pic of my current favorite candy! I am eating this every day lately . . . it is fresh locally-grown raspberries with some wet organic medjool dates that taste like caramel. For some mystical reason, this combination of tastes goes perfectly well together and I feel like a child eating candy. Except that this is WAY better than any candy I ever had. And believe me, I would know! as a former white sugaraholic.

And if you spend any time truly gazing upon a raspberry (which I do constantly) you will simply have to believe in the intelligence and order of the universe. Look at the form and function of all the little sweet packets stacked so cleverly all around: It is genius! And beauty! Who thought of this? Who created this??? Who invented this most lovely color? Soft gentle raspberries . . . I love you! ♥

Yes, all day long I think I am eating dessert. Sometimes it is pie, or cake, or candy. Or bubble gum or marshmallows! Caramel frosting! Except it is REAL and PERFECT and ACTUALLY GOOD for me. All sweet gifts from Mother Nature.

I am waiting patiently for everyone to figure this out so we can have a big candy party all day every day. Time now for some Sweetarts I mean pomegranates.


  1. Mmm raspberries and dates... Nice! Hey I've just come across your blog and noticed you are living in the southeast.. I'll soon be moving to Asheville, nc am wondering if you or anyone else knows any fruitarians there who I could hang with to help me take the leap? Ive been preparing to for some time.. Thanks! - Alex

  2. Hi, Alex! I don't live in Asheville but it is a cool place and there are lots of "alternative" sorts of people, so maybe you can find some fruitarians if you look around. You could put up a sign at Whole Foods. If you really want to do this, you can do it! It's not that big of a deal . . . simply eat more fruit. ♥

  3. Hi Julie,
    I found your blog after a search on Fruitarian Thanksgiving and your post from last year really resonated with me. Most of all, it removed my pre-Thanksgiving anxiety!

    It's good to know there are people out there who can relate. I really love your genuine writing style, beautiful pictures, and activities listed as "play". Coming from a fitness professional, that's how it should be!

    Much love, I'll be visiting often.

  4. Dear Jason . . . Thank you SO much, fruit bro! Really, you made my day today. I just tested what you said and googled "Fruitarian Thanksgiving" and my blog was at the top of the list! I am amazed! I feel totally in accord with what I wrote last year, and even more so. I feel even more strongly about peeps who are passively supporting the cruel torture and slaughter of intelligent and innocent animals. I am impatient for everyone to wake up! And I can do more. Thank you, dear friend . . . have a blessed day of gratitude. ♥

  5. This is what I prepared for Thanksgiving.
    The platter was a hit!

    I've also added your blog to my favorites. Feel free to stop by my page for cutting edge fitness and health tips. Talk to you later!

  6. Hi Jules,

    I've been following your blog since April this year and I just wanted to say that you're a huge inspiration to me :) I finally decided to go 100% raw vegan myself and i've created a blog to chart my progess

    I have fully informed myself on info based on Doug Graham's book and from the 30 bananas a day forum. I do have a question for you: how long did it take for you for the cravings to stop? and how long did it take you to change your mindsets about cooked food? I am still addicted to cooked food and whilst a part of me wants to let go and move on, agreeing that it is poison, another part (a younger part i'm guessing!) struggles to let go :S


  7. Hi again, Jason . . . Thank you so much for your blog link. I checked it out a bit and I really like you! : ) You look great! and you're intelligent. Love it. ♥ Hope you had fun with your beautiful Thanksgiving fruit platter. Now we are friends. Love, Julie

    Hi, Tiger Lily . . . cute name! Thanks for your sweet words and I look forward to checking out your blog. The more the better! It took me a LONG time to let go of The Other. The whole food thing is such an ingrained habit, and we are all very addicted. So please be patient with yourself. Just keep eating more fruit, and surround yourself with plenty of delicious fruit that you LOVE. Just keep moving in this direction and it will get easier. I wish I had magic words. Fruit is WAY more comforting than any other food. Give it a try first. ; )

  8. P.S. Hey Jason. . . have you heard of Michael Arnstein? I think you would enjoy his videos:

  9. I have now! Thanks Jules

  10. Dear Fruity Jules,

    You and two other Fruitarians (Arnstein & Raw Down Under) have INSPIRED me to take the leap! I decided to track it on Blogger, and see what happens. My family thinks it's a little insane, and don't really want to know about it. I'm currently taking it easy and transitioning, not putting any pressure on myself. I love fruit and have been secretly wanting to try this since a person (very mockingly) mentioned Fruitarianism to me a decade ago. I thought it sounded wonderful, but had no support system and worried that it wouldn't be healthy enough. Finally found your blog, and got the courage to experiment and see how it goes.

  11. Hi, Ms. Melon. . . cute name! Thank you for your sweet note . . . there is nothing to be afraid of with fruit. It's so easy! We each have to find our own way. And thankfully, there is now lots of inspiration out there! Enjoy your journey . . . . ♥

  12. Whoooot whooot!! Candy party!! I'm in!!! :)