Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . 6 valencia oranges
10:00 . . 8 valencia oranges
1:00 . . . 1 lb. raspberries + 3 medjool dates
3:00 . . . 4 zucchini + 2 heirloom tomatoes + some baby okra
5:00 . . . 1 lb. raspberries + 4 medjool dates
6:00 . . . 3 bananas
7:00 . . . few more raspberries + dates

Play: ballet, acrobatics, stretching

I took a pic of these few things I got at the Farmer's Market a couple of days ago. Those are zucchini, baby okra, heirloom tomatoes, and raspberries. So even though it is turning chilly, there are still wonderful things to be found from local growers. I discovered that one of my favorite families is growing raspberries all fall in a greenhouse. And there will be heirloom tomatoes (German Johnsons) available all winter long! This is very happy news!

There are also slews of apples at the Farmer's Market, but I am not a big apple fiend, so I just enjoy their beauty.

I have never been a big fan of raspberries, but after just one taste of these delicate sweeties I fell in LOVE! And when I pair them with dates, it is a match made in heaven! There are always surprises with this fruitarian lifestyle. Things are always changing . . . YOU are always changing.

Also in my kitchen now are golden kiwi, cantaloupes, a few persimmons, and a few pomegranates. I usually like to try a few tastes of seasonal fruits, even if they are not really staples.

For right now, I am paying attention to my current new love: raspberries. Mmmmmm. They are surely food for angels and goddesses. ♥


  1. Dear Jules. why haven't u replied for my previous comment. I am looking forward for ur reply.-rathi loganathan

  2. Hi, Rathi! Yes, thank you for your website. I have looked at it briefly and look forward to reading more. I like it very much! Thank you for telling me . . . I like what you wrote about needing very few clothes. I'm grateful you are putting forth your ideas into the world. ♥

  3. Thank you mam, I felt very happy at ur reply. I request u to post a comment for my article after reading it completely and forward my blogspot address to all ur followers.-awaiting ur reply-rathiloghs

  4. Hello again, Rathi . . . I have now read your article. Thank you for sharing! I don't agree with all of your philosophy, but I do support advocating a vegan lifestyle. ♥