Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . juice of 8 valencia oranges
10:00 . . 1 pineapple
1:00 . . . lots of muscadine grapes (pounds!)
3:00 . . . more grapes
4:00 . . . 5 local heirloom tomatoes + some okra
6:00 . . . 2 heirloom cantaloupes + 1 honeydew
8:00 . . . 1 GIGANTIC organic mango

Play: walking/running barefoot, stretching, acrobatics, dance

Wow. This fruit was all out-of-this-world excellent. I LOVE a day like this, when everything tastes just so so GOOD. I admit that it does occasionally happen that I open a melon that is hard and not sweet, or bite into a piece of fruit that is mushy or tasteless. So I'm grateful when fruit is really what it promises: sweet, rich, bliss-inducing!

The melons pictured are from the Turlock Fruit Company in California, and when I see their seal, I know it will be a very high-quality fruit. This year is the first time I have found their heirloom cantaloupes in the store and they are superb. On the inside, they look like any other cantaloupe except they are richer and darker orange, in the same way an heirloom tomato has a very rich color. And their taste is definitely sweeter than the average 'loupe.

I am taking advantage of the varied assortment of fall produce, so wonderful. Because soon enough it will be winter and back to my staples of oranges, dates, bananas. But hey, I love them, too! Everything has its' season.

Lately I have also been eating some dates and bananas to fill in when I can't find much else.

And this discovery of the HUGE organic mangoes has me very happy. It is very rare to find shipped mangoes in a store that taste so excellent. I bought one when I saw them, on sale for 2 for $5., not expecting much, and it was so unbelievable that I ran back to buy LOTS. Now I have them ripening on the counter and they will be my dinner tonight, for sure. So excited! These mangoes are the best baby food! So sweet! I feel like a lucky baby when I eat them.

I have to say that I never got this excited about my old junk food. REALLY.

I read a quote last week I want to share, so true:

"Eating junk food is NOT a reward. It's a punishment." Drew Carey

Now if only he could discover the truth about fruit. If only EVERYONE could! ♥

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