Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

8:00 . . . 1/4 watermelon
11:00 . . .1/4 watermelon
1:00 . . . 3 bananas
3:00 . . . lots of organic muscadine grapes (in the car)
4:00 . . . more grapes + a few tomatoes + some pickling cukes
5:00 . . . ~ 2 quarts muscadine grapes
6:00 . . . ~ 2 quarts muscadine grapes
7:00 . . . a few more grapes! : )
8:00 . . . one last grape (or 2, or 3 . . . Ha!)

Play: walking, yoga, acrobatics

It is now major grape season and I am all about these grapes! I put my hand in the picture so you could see how gigantic these organic muscadines are. They are to LIVE for!!! I am so happy and grateful to give these lovely growers my money. They are the dearest peeps. In return they give me large bags of their precious grapes. One of their friends told me that they work very hard tending to their vines and that they put a lot of love into creating their vineyards. It is obvious! ♥

The season is so short that I just give myself over to it. There will be time later for more melons, for bananas and dates, for oranges and tangerines. Right now it is GRAPES! They should be around for about 3 more weeks. I'm sure I will be having some days of mono grapes.

Nothing is easier than this: popping one super sweet grape into my mouth after another. They are VERY FUN to eat . . . and no preparation, no utensils, no clean-up! Just sweet grapey goodness.

I have to say that all other grapes pale in comparison. They were a delightful new surprise this year at the huge Farmer's Market. So wherever you are, be open to looking around everywhere. I have fruit radar now. Plus, the Universe is helping me, now that it is known that I am on the fruit. ; )

Also, on the little mountain where I live there are now lots of muscadine grapevines growing all over the place, thanks to me, Julie Grapeseed, who has strewn seeds everywhere in past years. I ate a few this morning on my walk around. They are not quite fully ripe yet, but it is very cool to be walking in Nature and stop when hungry/thirsty to eat right out there off the vine!

I intend to live this way every day in a fruitarian paradise of my own making, eventually. But if I am living then somewhere tropical, I will REALLY miss these grapes.

Best to be grateful NOW for what is. And I am. ♥


  1. These grapes sound and look so absolutely perfect. I hope I can try them one day. :-)

  2. Hi Julie,

    I love your blog -- so full of joy!

    Just curious, do you eat the skin of the muscadine grapes? I've heard that some people have trouble with the tanins.

    All blessings to you,

  3. Wow Julie ♥
    Those Grapes look truly amazing ♥
    I thought they were plums at first.
    How beautiful that you have a relationship with the growers and the growers have such a loving relationship with their Grapevines.
    Enjoy your Grapefest♥
    Much Love and Peaches XX.

  4. Hi, Lissa . . . I hope you can, too! But there are so many wonderful fruits. Surely there is something good where you are. ♥

    Thank you, Shelah! I do NOT eat the skins. They are really thick. I just bite into the grape, suck the juice out, and leave the skin and seeds. There is a lot of free liquid in these grapes, unlike other types. I appreciate your sweet words. ♥

    Dear Anne . . . thank you, buddy! Yes, I know how much you love and appreciate organic growers, too. I wish I could send you some. They'd be wine by the time they arrived! Love you ♥