Friday, March 26, 2010

Daily Fruit + Play

Yesterday I ate:

9:00 . . . 12 small honey tangerines
1:00 . . . kiwi, strawberry tomatoes, dates, pickling cukes
3:00 . . . more kiwi and dates
6:00 . . . 4 large bananas + a few dates
8:00 . . . a few honey tangerines

Play: stretching

I made a beautiful fruit platter yesterday for a family gathering following a funeral. I wish I had thought to take a picture. No food represents life and vitality like a big pile of vibrantly-colored fruit. Everything else looks dead, IS dead, in comparison.

The fruit platter had kiwi, pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberry tomatoes, spears of pickling cukes, and a big mound of medjool dates in the center. It was GIGANTIC. But I could have eaten the whole thing, really. I had to restrain myself, so there would be plenty for everyone. For most people, it is an unusual treat to have so much fresh fruit. For me, it is just another day! I know there is always more, always plenty.

So for dinner, I got to have my favorite "heavy" meal: bananas and dates. It really does taste just like vanilla cake and caramel frosting. And for a person to fully appreciate the amazingly DELICIOUS taste of fruit, one must go for a while without anything else, to let the taste buds become clean and correct. Only then will one understand that no food on earth can top fruit. ♥


  1. Agreed one hundred percent on the last statement. When I eat my fruity meals, I actually find myself wondering why anyone eats anything else, you know what I mean?

  2. In Tonya Zavasta's new book Quantum Eating she say, "Little eating gives enormous pleasure." She dry fasts every day from 2 pm until 8 am the next morning, and has experienced better health as a result (not to mention a more satisfying eating experience). I did not care for her book Your Right To Be Beautiful (as that is not really a concern of mine) but her QE book is well worth reading.

  3. Thanks, Alyssa! Yes, I DO know what you mean. Of course I do! :)

    Hi, Esmee. . . Well, to each his/her own. I prefer to listen to my body, as each day is unique. There is some amount that is just right, like Goldilocks. It depends on how active a person is. I really like Tonya, though, and I have read her book, QE. :)

  4. I agree, everyone's path IS unique, but I always love to explore new ideas!

  5. Oh, you are so right, Esmee! I agree! ♥ I just read another fruity girl on 30BaD who goes to bed every night with a belly full of fruit and she is super vibrant and healthy. She says she can't sleep unless she does that. So it's good to try lots of things to find what works best for you. I find that if a person is monoing on fruit, there doesn't need to be too many other rules except to listen to your body, if you know what I mean. :)